Watch Everywhere Broadcast live to an audience of unlimited size, on every screen.

Unlimited Viewers

Ustream has delivered some of the world’s largest live streaming video events with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers and millions upon millions of total viewers. Our servers and delivery networks are built for reliability and massive capacity. Our live video streams are delivered using several different global CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) with a proprietary algorithm to ensure the quality of service for every individual viewer on every device.

Your Ustream Channel Page

Your Ustream channel page can be created in minutes and can handle unlimited traffic. With a few clicks, you can customize the look and feel and add metadata for SEO. Choose a background image and thumbnail, list your other videos, and let your audience chat with each other on the Social Stream. Your audience can share your channel page with one click to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and invite their friends to come watch, growing your audience virally.

With a Pro Broadcasting account:

  • Add your own logo to your stream
  • Add custom extensions like a donation widget to your page
  • Add a custom iFrame
  • Take ads off your channel

On Your Site

Ustream’s HTML5 compatible embeddable player is ready to place on your site or anywhere on the web. The embed is copy-and-paste, so you don’t have to know any code to integrate it into your site or blog. Your audience can watch your broadcast from anywhere.

Don’t want your player to be embedded anywhere? Only want it on your own site? With a Pro Broadcasting account including Embed Restriction, you can specify on which domains your streams can be embedded. With the Pro Broadcasting enterprise package you can also remove your content from the Ustream site by hiding your channel page.

Mobile Devices

Ustream broadcasts are available via our iOS and Android apps, as well as viewable via mobile browsers. Through the Ustream mobile app, you can:

  • Receive push notifications about events and live broadcasts
  • Interact through chat and polls
  • Browse and discover live content and recorded videos

Connected TVs

Ustream is changing the way live video is broadcast and consumed. Live streaming video isn’t restricted to your desktop computer or mobile device. Your Ustream channel is also available on all the set-top boxes and smart TV’s that Ustream is integrated with.