5 reasons why you should upgrade to Pro

Live broadcasting is an increasingly important part of creating and growing an engaged online community. How does Pro Broadcasting helps you get the most out of it?

Here are five reasons.

1. No ad interruptions

Pro Broadcasting is absolutely ad-free.

No pre-rolls, no mid-rolls, no text ads in your embedded player or on your channel page, just your live or recorded videos.

2. Your video, your way

At Ustream, we believe that you should decide how your content is used. We help you be in complete control.

With Pro Broadcasting, customize and protect your streams with your watermark. Control who can embed and who can view your content with whitelists and blacklists, password, geographic, and login-based restrictions.

3. Broadcast in HD

Stream in crystal clear HD, let your viewers enjoy your shows in 720p or 1080p on any device.

What’s more, the Ustream Platform will automatically generate lower quality versions of your stream to help viewers with lower bandwith have a smooth experience. Win-win.

4. Leverage your recorded content

You put a lot of effort into producing your live broadcasts. Leverage their lasting value even after your live event: create playlists of your recorded videos and highlights and re-broadcast them live according to your own schedule.

Pro Broadcasting helps you extend your video library by auto-recording your live broadcasts and allowing you to upload videos to your 5 TB storage.

5. Enjoy instant support 7 days/week

How to set up a multi-camera broadcast? How to promote your channel? Need instant support minutes prior going live?

We are here to help to get all your questions answered with 7-day phone support (6am - 6pm Pacific) and unlimited email access to our streaming experts. On top of that, you can find answers in our rich library of how-to videos, help articles and community forum.

Your success is our priority.

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