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Easy, yet powerful

Ustream is the platform that’s simple enough for beginners, yet flexible enough for experts. Broadcast to millions right from your browser, no technical experience or software download required — or craft a full-scale, multi-camera production utilizing our certified partner encoding and production hardware. Ustream offers a scalable, social, feature-rich live streaming video to suit every need.

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Easy, yet powerful

Easily Manage Videos

Whether you have 10 videos or 100,000, Ustream’s advanced CMS enables efficient and organized content management. With an intuitive interface, you’ll save time when you upload, search, review, sort and tag thousands of files with ease.

Capture Viewer Emails

Control your visibility

Shape and protect your brand identity with our flexible publishing controls. Broadcast on Ustream, or remove your channel page and embed on your own website. Curb unwanted syndication by whitelisting or blacklisting domains. For complete control, restrict access with password protection.

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publishing controls
Control your visibility

Measure and understand your audience

Gain insight and understand your audience with real-time broadcast monitoring and deep analytics. Capture data, generate reports and mine demographic information with our powerful and easy to read dashboard.

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Measure and understand your audience

Make more impact,

Build lasting value into seminars, product launches, training sessions and more. Safely store and archive previously produced or recorded video, highlight key moments, remix and create “as-live” playlists.

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Scale with your organization

Ustream Channel Managers allows the account administrator to assign users the ability to manage specific channels within their account. Perfect if you run a large organization with multiple departments or use your account with multiple clients and want to restrict access for specific people. Channel Managers is available for Ustream Enterprise accounts.

Scale with your organization


Your success is our priority, so we offer a comprehensive set of resources to ensure your broadcasts go smoothly.

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