Grow Your Audience Attract new fans and interact with your viewers with Ustream’s social tools.

Get Discovered

Ustream is the largest live video destination site on the web. When you broadcast through Ustream, you’re not only reaching your current audience, but also putting your content where it can be discovered. The Ustream video network has over 40 million monthly unique visitors, that can all be new potential audience for your content.

The Ustream experience allows viewers to:

  • Browse and preview content at the same time
  • Search and filter results by type including category and time since broadcast
  • See what your friends are watching
  • See what broadcasts are happening near you
  • Peruse hand-picked video from our editorial team

Social Stream & Chat

The Ustream Social Stream is the best way for fans to interact with broadcasters and other viewers in realtime. Not only can they interact, but they share their engagement with their Twitter and Facebook followers. The Social Stream draws millions of viewers to Ustream, and you can put a Social Stream on your channel or embed for free. In addition to the Social Stream, Ustream provides an IRC Chat that allows realtime discussion among your viewers.

  • Viewers can connect with their Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Comments in the Social Stream get published on the social networks and publicized to friends of your viewers, with quick links back to your channel
  • You can communicate with your viewers at anytime through the web broadcaster
  • Switch between Social Stream and Chat modes, or select just one mode for your channel
Social Stream & Chat

Attract an Audience

Ustream has over 12 million registered users, actively watching and seeking out new content. These users can follow your Ustream channel and tune in each time you broadcast. Your followers automatically get notified whenever you schedule a new event, broadcast live, or add a new recorded video.

Facebook Timeline

Ustream is the largest live video site to integrate with Facebook Timeline. In addition to our other sharing options, now users can share viewing, following and commenting activity on their Facebook Timeline and activity ticker. Most importantly, the Timeline integration aggregates their viewing activity with that of their friends, making it more likely that your broadcast will gain traction on the social graph.