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Record & Save Streams

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Ustreamallows you to broadcast live and record at the same time, so you can have your viewers come back later and catch up on what they missed.

Free accounts get 10GB of storage, but if your video needs are greate than that, you should go pro.

Take a video. It'll last longer.

Unlimited Viewers

Anyone can watch your stream.

Ustream has delivered some of the world’s largest live streaming video events with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers and millions upon millions of total viewers. Our servers and delivery networks are built for reliability and massive capacity. Our live video streams are delivered using several different global CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) with a proprietary algorithm to ensure the quality of service for every individual viewer on every device.

Anyone can watch your stream.

Advanced Analytics

Learn more about your audience.

Our advanced analytics platform allows you to track your viewers in realtime. See what they’re watching, where they’re from, and even what devices they are watching on. Find out who’s following you and more.

  • Real-time analytics using our proprietary Live Analytics Console
  • Second-by-second viewership graphs
  • See where your viewers are by country, state and embed location
  • See which devices your viewers are using
  • All data is exportable
  • Track metrics for your followers
  • See which videos and channels are
    most popular
Learn more about your audience.

VIP Support

We want to help you help yourself.

Our VIP Support team is here to help you answer your questions about streaming: everything from how to work your camera to how to encode your stream for the best results. We have a number of community support resources, including:

HD Broadcasting

Broadcast better. Faster. Stronger.

Unlike other Live Streaming companies, we believe that users should be able to broadcast high quality streams to their viewers. We won't cap your bitrate or resolution, we'll pass the full quality directly to your viewers. HD broadcasting is available to all broadcasters with pro accounts.

Broadcast better. Faster. Stronger.

Create and Manage Events


Ustream lets you create and manage events for your channel, so you can get the maximum impact from your audience. Scheduled events typically have more viewers on average than their unscheduled counterparts, so make sure to plan ahead. If you want to set up an event, you can do it yourself or you can get the help of our professional event production team. The team has over ten years of experience managing professional events and streaming them at the highest quality.

Interested in featuring an event? Talk to us now.