Reliable and scalable enterprise video delivery

Deliver internal video at scale. With Ustream’s eCDN, enterprises can relieve bottlenecks associated with delivering security-enhanced video to single or multiple corporate connections.

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Protect Your Network

Protect Your Network

Bandwidth intensive video is increasingly being delivered via the cloud; as a result, hundreds of employees all trying to access the same video asset at the same time can easily cripple a local network. eCDN protects your network by offering a flexible and scalable content delivery solution without the need for costly hardware deployments.

Internal Scalable Solution

Once deployed, eCDN delivers a single instance of the video asset that is cached and served to others attempting to access on the network. The solution reduces both long-haul and local network strain and helps minimize the need for network capacity upgrades while also improving the viewer experience. All existing Ustream features, from email verification to adaptive bitrates, are supported by eCDN.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Ustream’s eCDN can be installed as a virtual server, such as VMware® ESXi, Citrix® XenServer™ or Microsoft® Hyper-V™ for Windows.

  • Monitor Performance

    Through built-in panels, administrators are able to see a health check on nodes and also view concurrent users.

  • Firewall Support

    Can be used in conjunction with firewalls, only requiring port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 (HTTPS) to be open.

  • Install Multiple Instances

    Multiple instances of eCDN can be installed, enhancing support for a single ISP, multiple ISPs or to support industries with multiple offices, including at a global level.

  • Mobile Delivery

    Video content distributed through eCDN supports viewing on desktop and mobile devices. Mobile delivery is handled through cloud transcoding to deliver an HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) stream.

  • Automatic Routing Logic

    Each viewer pulls video content from the appropriate node and does not disrupt normal delivery over a worldwide server network.

  • Smart Video Caching

    Diminishes local network strain through delivering a single instance of the video stream that is cached for others within the eCDN.

  • Low Maintenance

    eCDN is automatically updated by Ustream, keeping it in sync with feature updates.

  • Built-in Administration

    Manage eCDN deployment through a dedicated panel that is accessible by any modern browser, including tablets.

Ustream’s eCDN solution has helped us meet the New York State Senate’s growing demand for streaming video without degrading our network performance.

Jim Bell - Director, Senate Technology Services at New York State Senate
New York State Senate

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