Ustream broadcasting plan definitions

Item Description
Corporate Broadcasting Plan

The Corporate Broadcasting plan provides the following features and services:

  • Ustream Web Broadcaster
  • Video Upload
  • Video content management system (CMS)
  • Live streaming capability
  • Live Playlists
  • Playback optimization for all devices via Ustream Cloud Transcoding
  • Global stream delivery via Ustream Software Defined CDN (SD-CDN)
  • Hosted viewing page with live player, chat and video gallery
  • HTML5 Compatible embeddable player for live and on-demand content
  • Full whitelabel capability including removing Ustream logo from player and customizing sharing links in the player.
  • Configurable embed video players, video gallery and chat / social widget
  • Full access to Ustream APIs
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Ability to secure content with password protection or URL based playback restrictions.
  • Preferred Support

Unless otherwise specified in the Sales Order, Corporate Broadcasting Plan includes:

  • 3 Channels
  • 1 TB of Storage
  • 1 Account Admin
  • 10,000 Viewer Hours per month
Channels Channels provide a unique streaming path for live or recorded video content. Multiple channels provide a way to stream several different pieces of live content at once, or to embed different groups of recorded content with varying access control or payer settings. Each channel comes with its own customizable channel page.
Viewer Hours Live and on-demand video consumption is measured in Viewer Hours. One Viewer Hour is calculated at one viewer watching for 60 minutes, or 60 people watching for 1 minute each. Each Ustream plan has a specified number of Viewer Hours included.
Viewer Hour Bundles Pre-purchased Viewer Hours are available in Bundles, providing increasing value for customers who plan to use larger amounts of bandwidth. Bundle prices are quote in terms of cents per Viewer Hour.
Unplanned Additional Viewer Hours Additional viewer hours used, above the included plus bundled total. Additional hours are calculated by subtracting the included VHs for a given period of time from the total VHs used in that period.
Additional Account Admins Ability to add additional users to manage the Ustream account. There is one master account admin and additional account admins can be added to manage content and settings within the account.
Video Marketing Module Add‐On Additional features enabled to capture viewers' registration information and track viewership according to registrants' emails.
Support Definitions
Basic Support Email and phone based support. 6 am to 6 PM US Pacific Time.
Preferred Support

Preferred support includes all the features of Basic Support, and in addition a named Customer Success Manager is dedicated to the customer's account providing a more responsive and personalized level of service. The CSM gains deeper familiarity with the customer's goals, helping to ensure speedy resolution of any issues. The CSM will also offer a quarterly account review to the customer which includes ongoing mentoring, discussion of best practices, a review of system configuration and advice on all aspects of the account operation. Customers can reach their CSM for phone based support during Ustream business hours (9am-5pm M-F). For support of critical events, the Managed Services Support package is recommended.

Preferred support also includes implementation/configuration of these features for the duration of the support subscription (as long as the subscription remains valid and continuous):

  • Support configuring ingest configurations including multiple bit rate broadcasting and cloud transcoding setups (source/720/480/360/240)
  • Geo-blocking: Restrict live and recorded video to specific countries.
  • Age-gate: Restrict live and recorded video based on age requirement.
  • IP Restriction: Restrict live and recorded video to specific IP addresses or ranges to increase security of streams.
  • Back-up ingest: Configure a secondary channel as a backup which can takeover the "primary" channel if the event that the primary channel disconnects.
Managed Event Support

A comprehensive support package designed for mission critical one-off events where the ultimate in responsive support is required. As with Preferred support, a named Customer Success Manager is dedicated to the customer's account, providing a more responsive and personalized level of support compared with basic phone support. The CSM gains deeper familiarity with the customer's goals, helping to ensure speedy resolution of any issues. The package also includes:

Advanced Support:
Available via phone, email and chat before, during and after event including nights and weekends outside the usual Ustream support times. Available during event to monitor event via a phone bridge. (Onsite attendance possible at extra cost; please contact Managed Events team for details.)
Pre-event Testing:
Ensures event success by optimizing all channel and broadcast settings. Provide encoding specs and publishing info to onsite production team.
Marketing and Promotion Support:
Assist with embedding and sharing content on third party sites and social networks, including providing embed codes.
Channel set-up and management:
Setup account and first Ustream channel page. Add channel icon, background and slideshow images. Optimize Ustream channel for search engines by adding live and recorded video metadata and tags. Schedule events on Ustream platform. Create shortened URL for Ustream channel page. Enable a pre-moderation function that gives the customer complete control over comments published in the Social Stream.
Managed web broadcast:
Monitor live event ensuring flawless end-to-end delivery of high quality video and audio. Set up pre-show trailers and/or slideshow, and post-show Live Playlist replay. Start and stop event transmission and recording. Trim video recordings and configure publishing settings.
Post Event Report:
Following the event, the Advanced Support Team member will provide a retrospective PDF report on the event performance including total views, unique viewers, average view time, viewer locations, embeds.

This service is sold per "Event Day" of the event. An "Event Day" is up to a contiguous 8-hour day including reasonable break and meal times. Event Days that are less than 8 hours in length are considered a full Event Day.