Ustream for Change

Transparency live.

The mission of Ustream For Change is to empower societal transparency through the use of live video. We’ve lived LIVE since 2007 and our goal is to inspire others to think beyond four walls, harness the power of live video, and lead the movement for change. #LiveLIVE

Power to the people

Power to the people

Citizen journalists and global leaders are a significant part of Ustream’s past, present, and future. They are some of the most influential users in our community, and Ustream for Change supports the use of our technology as a communications vehicle and means for global connection.

A window to the world

Animals and science have graced Ustream’s pages since Day 1 – in fact, you’ll often find four-legged friends at our offices. Many of these channels have become learning tools at educational institutions all over the world. We support the digital movement in the classroom and the societal transparency this movement will continue bring.

Power to the people

How will you use Ustream for change?

We want to hear about your movement.

Here’s how to live LIVE on us.

Ustream for Change beneficiaries will receive:

  • Free Pro Broadcasting plan
  • Public Relations and Social Media support
  • User technical support

We will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis.

“What does video bring to the table?”

Google’s Jolly Good Fellow, Chade-Meng Tan, shares how Ustream for Change is bringing people closer together through the power of live video.

What our broadcasters are saying.

We believe that our situation today is not so different from many places in the world, where oppressive governments attempt to cover up criminal activities through censored media outlets. If you don’t believe what you are seeing on your television, get out and get the story yourself. You will find that you are not alone.

Viche Maidan - Maxim Prasolov

Ustream is far more than just streaming video. We’ve experienced first-hand the power of their platform and its ability to provide a quality viewing experience, coupled with the opportunities to build true community, educate a wide range of people, and entertain people from around the world across multiple platforms and devices.

Viche Maidan - Jeff Click Great Horned Owl Nesting