9/16/2008 Same Rap Channel, Same Rap Time

The great thing about regularly scheduled programming, is that it’s, well, regularly sheduled.

On that front, we’ve got some great hip hop themed music shows that deserve your regularly scheduled attention. Here’s the guide:

Hip Hop Official

So I fibbed. Hip Hop Official has yet to be regularly scheduled. But they will make up for it with plenty of in-the-studio produced MTV-esque programming. Check their GoTV channel for some delicious examples.

This Thursday, Noon Pacific, they launch with a live Q-and-A session and staged performance with West Coast underground legends Planet Asia and DJ Muggs.

Hood Hype Radio

Black Weblog Award winner Hood Hype Radio has joined the Ustream team. Detroit based Hood Hype Radio is hosted by hip hop aficionados Jmack, Major, and now that it’s live, YOU. And yes, they are now integrating live chatroom chatter into their programming. Word on the teh internets is that you’ll be competing for attention with call ins from the likes of Warren G, Black Milk, and Termanology.

Tune in every Saturday, cool guy.

J Troup in the Studio

Rising producer/songwriter J Troup invites you into his studio every Sunday at 5 pm Pacific as he breaks down the tips, tricks and tools to creating pop hits. And for all you aspiring producers, submit your beats to his monthly beat battle competition.


Every Monday, talented emcee iLLspokinn has been hosting an innovative live “Freestyle Mondays” open mic from the cradle of Hip Hop — New York, New York. Best of all, he’s been kind enough to stream it live. So why don’t you tune in? He’s way talented beyond his Myspace friends count; join the movement now, and act like you know later, cool guy.

Every first Mondays of the month, iLLspoKin changes up the format a bit and hosts a freestyle game show competition. The spinning wheel of topics keeps the fun high and the testosterone low. Confused yet? Tune in, and you’ll get it.

So there ya have it. I’ll excuse you as you regularly schedule your calander.

And also, as always, tell me about your cool music projects, ideas or artists at music (att) ustream dot tv.

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