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Weekly Music-on-Ustream Update #1

Thanks to the ever-growing presence of musicians and artists on Ustream, I’m thinking of creating a weekly update on this here blog of upcoming events, past-event recaps, and all the lines of embeds in between. Task #1 is overhaul this boring title; leave me some suggestions in the comments, please, for the sake of the English language!

On to the updates: We’ve got two great in-radio performances coming up this week:

First up, Sophie’s Lounge has another great acoustic performance set-up from none other than John Mayer. Starting tomorrow, July 29, at 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT, John Mayer will play what YOU request. Get your vote on in Radio Sophie’s site here.

Next up, Good Charlotte have a performance lined up this Wednesday, July 30, Noon EDT / 9 AM PDT, over at XL 106.7 in Orlando. The same guys that brought you Red, Hot and Boom – one of the bigger Radio Station summer concerts to stream on Ustream — deliver their first in-studio performance; Good Charlotte fans will not want to miss this!

Finally, did you guys miss Switchfoot? After a week-and-change hiatus to tour, they’re back doing their studio webcam thing! Give them a warm welcome back!

In past news, two very cool artist webchats from last week, that you might have missed:

Nas Live Chat from his Hotel Room, moments after making his Fox News protest that made the Colbert Report (same clothes and everything… made you look!):

Live streaming video by Ustream

Later that day, Ustream pioneer Tori Amos stopped by to chat up her new comic book, Comic Book Tattoos:

Live Video streaming by Ustream

We have some BIG, innovative music projects with major artists lined-up in the pipeline the next few weeks, so keep your eyes and ears pealed for this blog. And all you Ustream poets and linguists, don’t forget to suggest me a new title for this music update series! Link Love promised!

Ustream Pioneer Tori Amos Back Again!

Tori Amos, an early Ustream broadcaster, returns back to the platform with another live webchat with fans, tomorrow, Wednesday July 23, 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT. Be sure to ask her about her innovative new project dropping the same day, “Comic Book Tattoo”, a stunning 480-page graphic art treatment detailing Tori’s catalogue of music, as interpreted by the best and brightest comic book artists.

Ms. Amos appearance is not just another artist webchat for Ustream, because Ms. Amos is not just another artist for Ustream. Tori and her visionary management team hosted her first webchat back in October of ’07, a mere half-year after Ustream launched early beta. Tori was the first recognizable “name” in entertainment that the Ustream team could proudly point to as a testament to what we were doing. At the time, we were the live video platform of choice to the early adopter tech circles, presidential candidates… and Tori Amos. It was one of Ustream’s first major successes, and introduced the live experience to a wholly new group of viewers.

The orange-haired screenshots of Tori on the Ustream player became the go-to image for many a Ustream collateral and one-sheets. In the 9 months since Tori’s last session, countless household names in entertainment have passed through the silver screens of Ustream’s Flash video player, including 50 Cent, Hannah Montana, Jessica Simpson, Switchfoot, Johhny Knoxville… and the list goes on.

But Tori was one of the very first. For that, we roll about the red-carpet for her prodigal return. Join us Wednesday, 7/23 in welcoming Tori back!

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