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Top 5 Tuesday: Animal Talents

Ever caught a cat doing a back flip, or come into the kitchen to find your dog opening the fridge in spite of his lack of opposable thumbs? Today we’re looking at the top 5 animal talents in the internet world and paying homage to their human caretakers who were quick (or quiet) enough to capture their pet’s talent live on Ustream. Which one is your favorite??

1. Treadmill cat:

[clear here]

2. Owl swallows a rabbit whole:

[clear here]

3. Cat playing fetch:

[clear here]

4. African Grey parrot imitates human:

[clear here]

5. Cat climbs a ladder:

Top 5 Ustream Freestyles: Doin’ it Live

One of the best things about watching your favorite artist live on Ustream is that you never know exactly what they’re going to do. They could play unreleased tracks, drop exclusive info on upcoming collaborations or tour dates, prank call a fan’s ex, or engage viewers with a little impromptu freestyle. We’ve compiled what we think of as the “top 5” best freestyles of all time on Ustream, so take a listen and be sure to follow these channels if you want to see them the next time they go live!

1. Lil Wayne:

2. B.o.B


4. Drake

5. Damian Marley

Which one is your favorite? Are we missing one? Tell us in the comments!

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