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What does Shinedown and Jessica Simpson have in common?

Shinedown came, they saw, they chatted, they recorded. As I type this, they’re rocking out a sold-out crowded venue in Houston, having just chatted out thousands of fans in a crowded room in Ustream.

Here’s the vid:

Free .TV show from Ustream

Also, some fun screencaps of Shinedown shenanigans:

Now go buy there album — The Sound of Madness — and tell ’em Ustream sent you!

Special thanks to the good folks at Atlantic Records… you know who you are!

And on the complete opposite end of the musical genre spectrum, Jessica Simpson has graced the screens of Ustream players worldwide last week, via the good folks at KFrog Radio. Here’s the proof:

Web TV provided by Ustream

Shinedown Live Q-and-A

Join Hard Rocking Atlantic recording artists Shinedown as they host a live webchat from backstage at their show from Meridian’s in Houston on Monday, June 23 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT.

Be sure to ask about Shinedown’s new album — The Sound of Madness — that drops the very next day, June 24.

And since you’re going to be getting all intimate with Shinedown, you might as well get to know their proper names:

Brent Smith – Vocals
Barry Kerch – Drums
Zach Myers – Guitar
Nick Perri – Guitar
Eric Bass – Bass

Devour, the new single from The Sound of Madness:

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