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Behind The Scenes At The RNC

This being the start of our seventh day at the Republican National Convention, its no surprise that Brad and I have bumped into some very powerful people. It was only the other day that we noticed Mitt Romney was staying in our hotel (no wonder there was always Secret Service in the elevators).

We’ve met powerful people, we’ve met Ustream broadcasters, and I was tackled by Secret Service (Pshh but you probably don’t want to hear about that…right?).

I find it amazing that at the RNC, at the largest Republican gathering in the world and possibly one of the biggest events of the year, we are running into Ustream broadcasters left and right. They’re everywhere! The first day while we were setting up, an ABC employee walked up and thanked us for an awesome product. He uses us! Who knew? We also met Ustreamers such as Martin Roland (CNN Correspondent) and Ed Morrisey (Hot Air). Its really hitting home that Ustream is a powerful tool that real people are using to get their message out and change the world.

While we’re here working hard to bring you the best quality streams from the RNC, you can check out our RNC landing page for all the live streams and their embed codes. Aside from that, make sure to check out our backstage pictures below (If you want to know why Secret Service tackled me you’ll have to beg me in the comments):

A Short RNC Anecdote

Yesterday, at 4:00 pm sharp, all non security personnel were forced out of the building. As we walked passed the cold faced Secret Service standing at the door I could hear the heavy pant of the K-9 Bomb Detection Dogs. Turned around for just a second, my eyes idly followed a large German Shepherd as he paced around the room and disappeared past a dozen men in black. What specifically those men in black did next I have no idea, my line of vision had been obstructed when the door shut behind me, however one thing was for sure…The rock gods of the republican party were arriving in two days and things for both the RNC and Ustream were about to get crazy.

With our first stream of the convention, join viewers from around the world and watch McCain address how the RNC will change because of Hurricane Gustav. [live stream]

Check back tomorrow for live coverage all day and all week. Five cameras, one convention, millions of viewers.

See you there.

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