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This Week in Highlights – CUTE Overload Edition!


This week, we are celebrating an epic overload of cuteness on Ustream!  

These clips definitely put the AWW in awesome and are guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Enjoy!

 Emma the Hummingbird Poses for the Camera

Super Cute Kitten Nap

Baby Owl Inspects the Camera

Baby Schnauzers’s Schweet Dreams

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Epic Cuteness on the Pelto Bulldogges Cam

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Paws & Claws Weekly Round Up

Events for the week of December 22, 2008

This week is packed full of great streams including more from Smule, a baby Jaguar Cub, Nip Tuck Dancers, Dog Trainer Guru Chicks, IWearYourShirt starts a daily stream, cute puppies in a store front window, and more. 

On Monday December 22 at 7p PST, Smule will be LIVE showing off their great iPhone apps! Last week they had a great show, chatting with people from around the world who have been practicing with their interactive sonic media. Smule has created the first true musical instrument for the iPhone. Both experts and beginners will be amazed by this innovative player. Download the app here: and tune in live to watch the pros:

Daily at Noon EST, Jason Sadler of will be live wearing a new shirt each day! On January 1, Jason will start wearing a different brands shirt each day, and his first will be one of OURS! Tune in live to chat about his project, ask him why, and see how you can get involved:

On December 22 at 6p PST tune in and chat with James Andrews and Hill Harper. In this LIVE Q&A and web chat I am sure we’ll hear about Hill’s last few years of being on the road campaigning for his friend President Elect Barack Obama. Tune in with us here:

On Tuesday the 23rd, at 630p PST tune in for ‘Key Number 9’ – You Complete YOU! Each week, Troy discusses 1 of 9 Keys To Freedom After Heartbreak LIVE here:

Daily we have another puppy stream, this one comes to us from Le Petit Puppy in Greenwich Village, featured in the book Eyes Open NEW YORK as one of the 50 most inspiring places to visit in New York. Unlike most of our puppy streams, these pups are LIVE from a store front window! If you don’t live in NY, tune in live to watch these little guys here:

On Wednesday at 5p PST, come watch the live webcast that will help you to take the lead in your dog/owner relationship. Learn the professionals secrets to having a great pet every Wednesday:

Daily we have a LIVE 24/7 stream of a baby Jaguar Cup from the Palm Beach Zoo. You can watch this jaguar cub and her mother Nabalam whenever you’d like. Feeding time is mid morning EST, and late evening EST. Watch with us here, and let us know what you think:

Starting on December 29 and running through January 6, we will have Nip Tuck’s “Timeless Beauties” Dancing at the Beverly Center! The return of nip/tuck will be highlighted with live performances by the three iconic dancers featured in FX’s current on-air promotional campaign for the series. “Go Go,” “Starlet” and “Princess” will interact in-person with visitors at Los Angeles’ Beverly Center as well as virtually via the Internet. Vote online at for your favorite! If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can watch in person at:

Beverly Center, Grand Court (Level 6)
8500 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

If not, tune in and watch with us LIVE here:

The Miracle of Birth: Daemondox Demonstrates Dachshund Delivery Dramatics

Ustreamer Daemondox yesterday demonstrated the power of live video broadcasting when he streamed his pet dachshund, Magic, giving birth to a litter of puppies. Around 50+ viewers had a chance to experience the thrill and miracle of birth, before 2 year old Magic fell completely exhausted and could not push anymore. The viewers, sharing the worries and concerns of Daemondox, chimed in with invaluable advice and support in the chatrooms. You can just feel the tension of the moment in the chatroom dialogue recorded in the screencaps below (click on image to link to full size image):




The viewers were then left in breathless suspense as Magic was rushed to the vet for oxygen treatment and c-section.


Alas, the advice proved invaluable, as Magic returned from the vet alive, well, and a proud mother of a liter of four healthy puppies! Tune into Daemondox’s Ustream channel to keep track of the brand new happy dachshund family!


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