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Events for the week of March 9th, 2009

On Monday February 9th from 1:30-4:30pm PST come join the cutting-edge GreenTech CEOs, along with movers and shakers from the biggest industries on earth, as they meet investors with GoingGreen East. This event is a two-and-a-half-day executive event features CEO presentations and high-level debates on the most promising emerging green technologies and new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Monday: 1:30 – 4pm PST / Tuesday: 5:30am – 3:30pm PST / Wednesday: 5:30am – 1pm PST

If you can’t watch it all, tune in when you can:

Also on Monday from 4-5pm PST come chat with Tim from Tim is a homeless man in Houston that recently started a LIVE stream chat and blog. His story is a great one, and him and his friends hope to put a face and voice to homelessness everywhere. Watch with us here:—houston

On Tuesday March 10th join us for a State Visit by President Sarkozy, President of France with Mexico President Felipe Calderon. The official ceremony is scheduled to begin at 8am PST with a signing of agreements and joint press conference starting at 11:50 PST. Watch it all happen LIVE from the staircase leading to Empress’ Chapel at the National Palace here:

Also on Tuesday at 7pm join Peter Himmelman’s Variety show as they travel to Mars LIVE on Ustream. This is the last show from California for a few weeks, as Peter and the gang will be streaming from the Ustream Studio at SXSW for the next 2 weeks. Catch it all here:

Tuesdays the 3rd from 5pm – 6pm PST Ian Halperin is hosting, Ian Undercover. Ian is an Award Winning Investigative Journalist, Filmmaker and New York Times Best Selling Author. Last week’s special guest was Noah Levy the Senior Editor In Touch Magazine.  Watch with us here to see Ian has on this week:

Wednesday from 11am-1pm PST join Kevin Trudeau for his weekly show out of Chicago LIVE from KTRadioNetwork. Come listen, watch, and learn about everything ‘they’ don’t want you know know HERE:

On March 11, we have the band 311 chatting live until the questions run out! This will be hosted by KROQ DJ and Love Line co-host Stryker. Be sure to tweet all of your questions in advance, because they are expecting a big turn out! Please be clear and concise with your question. At the end of your question please put your name and city/state. Watch with us here:

On Thursday March 12th, from 5:30pm–7pm PST join us for the Fast and Furious Premiere! The whole cast is scheduled to be in attendance, including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and more. Be sure to join the chat, as the hosts will be pulling questions LIVE:

On Friday the 13th at 5 pm EST come join us Virgin Radio as they will broadcast their ‘Speedhating’ stunt on The Rush with Taylor and Brigg. Tune in for everything here:


Events for the last week of February, 2009

On Monday February 23, the Wall Street Journal’s Andy Jordan is starting his American Journey, or “AJ squared” a 3,739-mile, nine-day journey around the US to dig deeper into the Obama Administration’s economic stimulus plan. As Washington prepares to distribute $787 billion in stimulus money, AJ plans to follow the dollar bills, and he is bringing US along for the ride. Be sure to watch everything right here:

Tuesday February 24, from 10-11am PST, we have the President of West Point Thoroughbreds with another “State of the Industry” press conference. Their mission is to bring the excitement of high quality thoroughbred horse racing and ownership to individuals and small groups across the United States. Come watch with us here:

Also on Tuesday February 24, from 11-12pm PST Company of Thieves will be LIVE for an hour-long web chat.  With the new album dropping on the same day, you’ll want to be in the chat! Tune in here:

Tuesday evening at 7pm PST, Peter Himmelman’s Furious World will be bringing us their weekly hour of rock and roll, ideas and passionately ordered chaos. This week’s special guest is Tom Morey, the inventor of the Boogie Board. Tune in for the show here:

Wednesday February 25, from 9-10am PST is the start of a NEW weekly Ford Motor Company show. With briefings from a variety of their facilities, join the chat as they discus the latest innovations in technology, quality, sustainability and safety efforts. This is your chance to participate from your desk. Come ask the Ford executives your questions:

Also on Wednesday, starting at 11am PST, Kevin Trudeau the founder of the International Pool Tour will be broadcasting his radio show from Chicago. Be sure to join the chat for this one, as Kevin will be taking questions LIVE. Watch with us here:

Starting on Thursday February 26, and running through Saturday the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be streaming LIVE from Washington DC. The Largest Annual Gathering of Conservative Students, Activists and Policymakers in history will be there including; Mike Huckabee, Pat Buchanan, and Rush Limbaugh. Tune in for event long coverage here:

On Friday, February 27, from 2:30 – 6:30 pm PST, LIVE from the Microsoft Mountain View Conference Center, Tech Crunch is hosting “Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?” Tune in for Product Pitches, Roundtable Discussion, and great speakers including; Marc Benioff, CEO,, Lew Tucker, CTO, Cloud Computing, Sun Microsystems, Paul Buchheit, Co-founder, FriendFeed; creator of Gmail and many more.
Watch it all LIVE right here:

Sunday February 28, from 8-10pm PST BradMan will be LIVE again chatting another one of his well known twitter followers. BradMan has had guests including MC Hammer, last weeks special interview with Ms. United States, and many more. Tune in here to see who this weeks guest will be:

A few 24/7 streams I think you’ll enjoy:
NEW Hummingbird Cam –
Marco Island –
Cute Kitten Cam –
Owl’s nest cam –


Sen. Barack Obama Live Wed 11am MDT

Sen. Barack Obama LIVE

The political season is heating up and is right in the middle of it!  We have seen broadcasts from members on both sides of the aisle over the last year and you will continue to see major political events take place live right here.  Two more major streams are happening this week.

Fred Thompson will broadcast tomorrow at 10am EDT/7am PDT in partnership with  You can view the live video here:

Presidential Senator Barack Obama will continue his series of live broadcasts today at 11am MDT (1pm EDT/10 am PDT) in a rally titled: “The Call To Service.”

As always you can view the live video and follow the campaign on the Senator’s Official Ustream Channel Page:

If you missed Senator Obama’s most recent speech live on Ustream, definitely check it out:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on who you are supporting this election.  You are going to vote right?  Post your candidate of choice and WHY in the comments section below…VOTE PEOPLE!

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