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Awesome Animal Cam of the Week: Seven Kittens

What’s small, furry and CUTE all over?

Our newest animal cam Seven Kittens!

On June 7th, Noodles the cat gave birth to seven little bundles of joy and thus the Seven Kitten Cam was born!

[clear here] The camera is located in Pittsburgh, PA where some good samaritans rescued a then-pregnant Noodles so she would have a safe place to have her babies.

Highlight: Cute kittens catch some zzz’s

[clear here] It is believed that all the kittens with orange variations are boys, and the two Tortoiseshell kittens are female. All the kittens are nameless except for the first kitten to be adopted Taco (he’s the biggest orange one with stripes and white feet).

From feline affionados to 9-5 professionals, we can all agree we have found our new obsession!

Click here to see for yourself some supercute awesomeness:

This Week in Highlights – CUTE Overload Edition!


This week, we are celebrating an epic overload of cuteness on Ustream!  

These clips definitely put the AWW in awesome and are guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Enjoy!

 Emma the Hummingbird Poses for the Camera

Super Cute Kitten Nap

Baby Owl Inspects the Camera

Baby Schnauzers’s Schweet Dreams

[clear here]

Epic Cuteness on the Pelto Bulldogges Cam

[clear here]

Still cant get enough?
Test your animal IQ with our new quiz series A is for Animal

And don’t forget to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest animal cams on
Paws & Claws Weekly Round Up

Events for the week of January 26, 2009

On Monday, January 26th, from 2-3:15pm EST, tune in for the Installation of the 12th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Wayne Clough, and Regents’ meeting news briefing. Be sure to watch with us here:

Monday, January 26th, at 12:30am PST LIVE Malayan Tiger Feeding. There are three cameras located inside the show area and one inside the night/feeding area. Be sure to tune in and watch these beautiful animals with us:

Tuesday, January 27th at 7pm PST, Peter Himmelman and guests jam LIVE! This has become one of the most watched shows on Tuesday evenings, tune to find out why:
Tuesday, at 9pm PST, watch a LIVE streaming performance of Lil Wayne debuting the world premiere of his new single from the Cox Arena. Watch with us LIVE at the  AT&T Facebook page or here:

Wednesday, January 28th at 10pm PST Driving Sports TV, the fastest show on Late Night. Tune in and watch the DSTV crew showoff the latest in new cars and automotive performance:
Also on Wednesday the 28th, at 6pm PST we have our second RiffTrax LIVE show of 2009! From the head writer and stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes RiffTrax, full of hilarious mp3 (and now LIVE) commentaries of some of your favorite and not-so-favorite movies. It’s like watching a movie with your funniest friends! Tune in LIVE with us here:

Daily at 12 Noon, watch Jason Sadler of in his daily LIVE chat. This Thursday, January 29 he’ll be wearing a shirt! Be sure to watch with us:

Thursday, January 29th at7:30pm the LIVE recording of PotterCast will be a very special one, featuring Hank and John Green, otherwise known as the Vlogbrothers! Tune in this week as they discuss the latest news on Harry Potter in: PotterCast 183! Watch with us here:

Friday the 30th at 10pm PST, Meet the Bloggers bring us unconventional political opinion and analysis. This weekly digest of news analysis, opinion, and progressive issues from the blogosphere, accessible to a general audience but tailored to appeal to mainstream media political reporters, opinion leaders, and a politically-savvy online audience. Watch here:
Friday, January 30 at 11pm EST, the second annual Bloggie Oscars will be taking place LIVE! This event will be giving awards in seventeen main categories and five supporting content categories, and a few yet to be announced awards. Watch with us here:

Events happening the first week of December, 2008

Again this week is full of great streams, some old and some new. We have a new kitten cam, Whitney Duncan, MMA fighter Jeff Joslin, IdeaBlob, a Christmas light display happening every night, and many more. 

Today, December 2nd, we have a few streams you shouldn’t miss. Starting at 2:30pm PST, come chat with Country Music Star Whitney Duncan! Whitney will chatting with fans on her show, Whit’s Whit Live. Live from Nashville, Tennessee, Whitney will be answering questions from the chat, talking about holiday plans, and just hanging out with us for a while. 

Be sure to tune in: 

Today at 5:30pm PST, Dallas Cowboys No. 80, Martellus Bennett, will be live on Inside the Huddle. Tune in to show show, as he discusses this seasons injuries, Pacman Jones, and I am hoping to hear his thoughts on NY Giant Plaxico Burress. 

Watch with us here: 

Tonight at 7:00 pm PST, tune in for another installment of Peter Himmelman Live. Peter will be joined by long time friends: Andrew Kamman on drums, Al Wolovitch on bass, Willie Aron on Guitar, and Kristin Mooney on vocals. Broadcasting live from Peter’s studio in Los Angeles where the sound is always pristine and the energy is always cracklin’.

Watch here: 

On Wednesday, December 3 at 7:30pm, IdeaBlob will streaming live from Nashville, Tennessee at Belmont Universities Beaman Student Center. This is sure to be a great event, with people sharing ideas and much more. Follow all of the bloblive events on and tag your Tweet #bloblive to join the discussion.

Watch with us here: 

On Thursday December 4, at 7pm PST, tune in for Live with Jeff Joslin. This is a weekly show hosted by professional fighter Jeff “the Inferno” Joslin. Expect a unique behind the scenes perspective as Jeff talks about all things related to the sport of mixed martial arts. Contests, stories, videos, fighter interviews and much more will be included within the future streams.

Don’t miss it: 

Starting this week we’ll have a daily stream from DotComBoy17 with tips on what to buy this holiday season. Streaming daily, tune in for Christmas giveaways, and much more. 

Watch daily here: 

Nightly Christmas light display! This is Willy and Deb’s second year doing this, and we’re happy to have them. With over 4,000 lights, they are running Light O Rama controllers on 48 channels. What does that mean? A great Christmas light display sequenced to 14 songs different songs!

The show starts at 5:30pm Eastern Time and Runs to 12:30 am. 

Enjoy this stream with us here: 

We also have two new great animal cams. The first is a stream with 2 baby birds, one Lovebird and one Parrotlet. Watch the owners hand feed these adorable companion pets here: 

We also have a very cute new kitten cam. Just like our many sets of puppies, this 24/7 kitten stream is so cute, you’ll want to share it with everyone. Watch the baby kittens sleep and play all day here: 

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