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LIVE From The DNC 2008: Big Tent, Big Names

Live video by Ustream

The Election Season is ON!  As we enter the final months of the 2008 Election, continues to lead the way in providing open, live visibility of our nation’s tremendous electoral process.

We are proud to sponsor the Big Tent In Denver project LIVE from the Democratic National Convention.  So what’s it all about? Ustream will provide LIVE coverage from August 25th-28th and you’ll have a front row seat.

“Hosted by Daily Kos, ProgressNow, and The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, the Big Tent will be the place to be for new media journalists, bloggers, and non-profit leaders covering the Democratic National Convention. The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado has graciously given their building, parking lot, and untold hours of staff time to make this event a reality for the mass of bloggers descending upon Denver.  The Alliance Center is one of only two double-LEED certified buildings in the world and 27 non-profit organizations currently call it home. They represent a range of educational and advocacy interests — social justice, environmental protection, consumer awareness, public health, and cultural diversity.

In addition to resources like WiFi, podcast areas, Fat Tire beer, food, and much more for the registered bloggers, the Big Tent has a Digg Stage featuring national leaders and speakers like Van Jones, T. Boone Pickens, Carl Pope, Majora Carter, James Rucker, Donna Edwards, Donna Brazille, John Conyers, and our very own Markos Moulitsas.”  

Also, check out the LIVE Construction underway on the Big Tent in Denver

The following week (Sept 1st-4th), Ustream.TV will be the official and exclusive live streaming provider of the Republican National Convention from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Be sure to tune in for live gavel to gavel coverage all week!

Barack, Rudy, and John: Election Season Heating Up at Ustream

As the presidential elections makes its steady march through the primaries, the viability of candidates take on a quantifiable momentum, producing breakthrough campaign activity both tragic and triumphant. Today, the Ustream community witnessed both extremes of the spectrum, live and in the moment.

Rudy Guiliani officially announced his withdrawal from the White House race, and thanks to our friends at Politico, we saw it all live from a front row seat at the press conference.


Giuliani coupled his exit announcement with an endorsement of fellow Ustreamer — and presidential candidate — John McCain.


On the democratic side of the campaign aisle, the Ustream community saw not one, but TWO speeches from Ustreamer – and presidential candidate — Barack Obama. Bouyed by his big win in South Carolina, Obama delivered a rousing speech to a massive rally in Denver, featuring Caroline Kennedy, before video-conferencing a talk with a Baptist organization. Barack’s team made sure to deliver both events live over Ustream.TV.



Political news junkies take note – when we say “LIVE” update we actually mean it. Here’s to the next President of the United States, whichever Ustreamer it turns out to be!

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