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Happening NOW: Live Footage of Chaos in Kiev

Citizen Broadcaster Aronets

Mayhem and violence have taken over the city of Kiev, as protesters clash with riot police in the name of democracy. Thanks to brave citizen broadcasters, the world has a unique privilege to watch history take shape in the Ukraine in live time. News is no longer is limited to printed and video recollections reported by sharply dressed anchors hours or days later. LIVE is NOW, sending powerful visuals globally faster than a speeding tweet.

With that said, stay up to live time as the people of Ukraine not only revolutionize their country, but the way we witness world events as they happen. Here’s a list of LIVE news channels, brought to you by the brave broadcasters of #EuroMaiden.


Chaos in Kiev Caught Live on Ustream



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With Irene barreling down on the East Coast, ‎Ustream is in full-on HURRICANE WATCH! But we need your help to spread the word, so whether you’re evacuating, boarding up your windows, or heading for higher ground, GO LIVE and show the world what you see! Email your broadcasts to or post them in the comments and your stream might be featured!

If you’re looking for the latest news updates on Hurricane Irene, stay tuned to our News page all weekend.

We asked, you responded!

Many thanks to all the broadcasters who answered our call to action for severe weather coverage of Hurricane Irene!
Here is our list of Hurricane Irene broadcasts, be sure to check back for updates!

(You can find update alerts on our Twitter & Facebook accounts too)—wilmington-nc—irene—maryland—storm-chasing—norfolk—bergen-county-nj—nyc

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