Ustream touches everyday life

One of the best parts about running Ustream is that we often get a chance to have an impact on people’s lives. Here’s one recent letter we received from a pastor in Fort Wayne:

We had a young couple get married at our church recently. The groom’s grandmother just can’t travel from Illinois to Fort Wayne. Three years ago for another wedding in the same family, we used a webcam for the video (every 10 seconds) and held a phone to a speaker connected to the sound system for the audio. Not a good solution.

This time we used ustream ( The grandmother watched. An uncle in California who can’t travel because of early-stage alzheimers. A friend of mine from Austin, Texas who watched because I had twittered about it. There were 13 viewers at one point for this wedding.

Ustream saved a bunch of travel money, of course, but it let those family and friends come to the wedding (and watch it afterwards as well. I tried recording for the first time as well).

Thanks for a meaningful product.

Jon Swanson

This is the kind of thing that really matters. We’re proud that Ustream is touching so many people’s lives, from weddings to graduations:

–Brad Hunstable, Founder

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