Ustream Feeds iPhone Mania With iPhone Giveaway

Free iPhone From Ustream.TVIt’s Steve Jobs’ world–we just live in it. iPhone mania is as big as Star Wars mania, except that in this case, people are lining up to spend $600 on a phone. (Want one? See details below!)

Several of our Ustreamers are broadcasting live from the iLines in front of various Apple Stores across the country. If you’re not covering the iPhone launch live, why not embed one of our broadcasts?

The folks from Zooomr are Ustreaming live from the Apple Store in downtown Palo Alto, where hundreds of iPhone enthusiasts (plus news crews from various television networks) are camped out in anticipation. Watch Kris, Thomas, and other Web 2.0 celebrities like Robert Scoble of PodTech, and Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson of Digg and DiggNation wait in line to get their hands on Steve Jobs’ latest creation.
iPhone Fans Line Up For Release
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If you’re into Hollywood instead, check out’s Ustream coverage of the Apple Store on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. Who knows, you might catch George Clooney cutting in line to pick up his iPhone!

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Ustream is also holding a special giveaway to commemorate iPhone day. If you sign up for Ustream today, and enter the promo code “iphone”, you can win a free iPhone, courtesy of Ustream. Bonus points for folks that actually start streaming while they’re in line!

Happy iPhone day everyone!

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