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Unscripted is proud to announce that one of the #1 Video Gaming Shows on the internet will be joining the lineup soon! Video Gaming Powerhouse Unscripted 360 has officially announced a LIVE version of its show.

“ is committed to providing a variety of LIVE content for all audiences. The addition of Unscripted 360 is a testament to that commitment. We are honored to have one of the #1 video gaming podcasts,” say Founder Brad Hunstable.

Check out Unscripted 360 LIVE show called “U360 TV” soon at caught up with the founder of Unscripted 360 Deacon Blade for a quick interview:

What is Unscripted 360 and when did it start?

Unscripted 360 is an Xbox community podcast/site that I host to sort of
represent the Xbox community. I started it in July 2006 and its been a
very good ride so far. I take the things that go on in the Xbox community
be that around popular sites or low-key sites and bring them to life on
the show.

How long have you been a computer/video gaming fan?

I’ve been a fan literally all my life for as long as I can remember. From
Super Mario all the way up to the Master Chief today, I’ve been a fan.

What are the hottest games right now on the Xbox 360?

There are quite a few titles that have the community buzzing. Crackdown
has been a fan favorite especially considering it was a guaranteed spot in
the Halo 3 Beta. Rainbow Six Vegas continues to shine on Xbox Live.
Forza Motorsport 2, Gears of War, and even not-so hyped games like Earth
Defense Force 2017 are hot right now.

Are there any upcoming games to look forward to?

Absolutely. Xbox 360 fans are ofcourse looking forward to Halo 3
naturally. But besides that there’s DiRT, Mass Effect, BioShock, The
Darkness, Overlord, Burnout Paradise, Army of Two and I know some are
waiting to see what 2K Sports does with its All-Pro Football 2K8.

There are a lot of titles on the horizon!

How do you see the future of game consoles vs PC games evolving? Has the
PC gaming software fallen behind?

Well if you were to believe Microsoft, you’d think that console vs PC is
the new “it”. And to be honest, I believe them. There’s a price to pay
for some PC gamers who are used to online gaming for free but then having
console gamers battle PC gamers has never been done before so the price my
be worth it.

As far as PC gaming software falling behind, I’d have to say absolutely
not. I think PC titles will always have the upper hand on their console
counterparts and to be honest, most people prefer it that way. The gap
gets closer and closer though with each generation of consoles.

Why do you think the Xbox 360 is outperforming the PS3?

Price, game portfolio and availability. That’s what it boils down to.
Right now the Xbox 360 is cheaper, has more games and its been on shelves
longer than the PS3. It’s like a flip-flop of positions really when you
think in terms of where the PS2 and Xbox were last generation.

What video game console and game had the biggest impact on the gaming

Wow. I’d say it’s a toss between a game like Pac-Man and Super Mario. I
don’t think you could get 2 people together who didn’t know about either
of the two. I say these two because they started it all really. Pac-Man
was to the arcade what I believe Super Mario was to gaming entertainment
in homes.

What is your all time favorite game and why?

That’s a tough one…a really tough one. I’d have to list thousands of
titles really but for the sake of the question, I’ll pick one. The
original Mortal Kombat because it was the first time I really believe a
game was real. I mean clearly the moves weren’t real but visually the
game was more real than any before it I think. Using real actors and
basing the game off of that was great.

When can we see Unscripted360 on

Very soon! I’m hoping to have U360 TV up before the end of the month.

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