Thanks 2013, Here’s to An Even Better 2014!

2013 Lookback

2013 was a banner year for Ustream — so much so, that it took us until the last day of January to finish tallying! Here’s a sneak peek, but check out the full look-back HERE (you wont’t be disappointed!).

  • In 2013, we powered our 2 BILLIONTH hour, lifetime. That’s a ton of hours. (You may remember Brad’s post in October: We’re Two Billion Strong, Thanks to You!)
  • We used 2.1 petabytes of storage to record streams in 2013… Click HERE to see what Wikipedia has to say about “Petabyte.” (I needed the refresher)
  • The award for Most Broadcasts Per Capita went to… a twin-island nation between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Any guesses?

See if you’re right, and check out our full report here:

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