Tackling Top Issues (Part 4): Audio and Syncing Issues


Today’s Tuesday Tips post is part four of the five-part series, which will focus on how to tackle some of the most common issues our broadcasters face. Kayla D’Alonzo, one of our Customer Success reps, will be sharing advice over the next few weeks, starting with audio and syncing issues. 

                                             Hello Audio, Are You There?

Audio can be a bit tricky sometimes, but it is the feature that makes your stream come alive and captures the perfect sound for your broadcast. You can capture your audio either from your built-in computer microphone, camera, mobile device, or an external microphone that runs through an audio mixer into your computer. But, when you notice something strange going on with your audio not matching up with the image, take a step back.

In Part One of the series, I highly recommend that for every broadcast there should be a test. Make sure your broadcast settings match up with your audio and camera. Record your test and play back to see if your audio is in sync or out of sync. When the audio is connected into the computer make sure you see levels moving up and down from your mixer and encoder (i.e., Ustream Producer, FMLE, and/or Wirecast).  Questions to ask yourself; broadcast settings match up? Is your encoder settings selected at H.264? Do you see levels coming from the audio mixer and encoder? For more information on the correct settings, check out our knowledge base article – Please use H.264 Encoding Instead of x.264 in Wirecast and Producer 5

Set up an audio sync delay for your broadcast. This allows for you to set up in milliseconds of how much delay you want to add to the audio signal. Ustream Producer offers this feature that is built into the encoder. Check out our Audio knowledge base article – Audio. This article shows you how to set up your audio sync delay and other important audio feature to be aware of.

Most of all, test, test, test, before every broadcast! We don’t want you to run into any problems during your broadcast 🙂

Happy streaming and have fun!

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