Rising Star Matthew Ebel Talks Music, Life and Ustream

Rising Star Matthew Ebel

Musicians and Artists around the country are leveraging the power of LIVE streaming at Ustream.TV to not only stream their concerts, but also connect with their fans like never before.

One such popular Ustreamer is the ultra talented, hard core piano playing, rising super star Matthew Ebel (View His Profile and Past Streams HERE >>).  On any given night, you can often find Matthew singing relaxing melodies and upbeat rhythms to hundreds of his fans live at Ustream.

Ustream.TV had the opportunity to catch up with Matthew while he is on tour throughout the country:

So who is Matthew Ebel?

Honestly, you’re best off hitting http://www.matthewebel.com/bio for that. If I’m asked, I usually take the Wil Wheaton/Zaphod Beebelbrox route and just say “he’s just this guy, you know?”

Are you in a band or a solo artist?

I’m definitely a solo artist, though I’m always eager to play or sing with bands whenever I can. There’s something about the creative process of a collective (rather than an individual) that just turns me on. When a solo artist like me makes music, it’s just one main ingredient, like flour turning into bread. When three or four people labor over a project, it’s like making dessert with many different ingredients… there’s a cake with strawberry filling, cream cheese frosting, and sprinkles on top.

Damn, now I’m hungry.

How long have you played piano and how did you learn?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI’ve been playing since I was 5, so about 23 years now. We had a piano in my house when I was little and nobody played it, so I bugged my parents until they got me piano lessons. Then they bugged me to practice for 20 years, but I’m glad they did. I wouldn’t be half as proficient without a couple decades of classical piano lessons.

Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

Everywhere. Inspiration isn’t something you can gin up, it leaps out at you. It’s like window shopping- you’re just walking down the street and something catches your eye. You may not want to buy it right then, but it stays with you until you’re researching, saving money, and then buying it. I can force lyrics, but I can’t force inspiration.

What has been your favorite place to play?

The Grand Ole Opry. I’d love to name some tiny little bar or someone’s living room for the sake of “keepin’ it real”, but the frickin’ Holy Grail of Country music is pretty cool. It’s the last time I can remember being legitimately nervous before a gig. Hanging out backstage with people like Porter Wagoner and Little Jimmy Dickens was cool enough, but getting to play that Yamaha 9-foot grand on a stage with that much history left an impression on me.

If you could spend the day with any performer in history, who would it be?

Probably Patrick Stewart, but that’s mostly ’cause I’m a huge geek. And Captain Picard could totally kick Captain Kirk’s ass. Oh wait, were you thinking musical performers?

We’ve noticed you are using Ustream.tv, how can emerging artists use new media like Ustream.tv to grow their audience? How do you grow a following/audience?

Very simple… reach out to your audience by making yourself available in any way THEY want to receive it- Blog with an RSS feed, podcast, calendar that can be subscribed to in iCal, and of course, live video. If you’ve got a MacBook, you’ve got a portable Ustream studio.

One for the ladies, are you dating? married? single?

Why should the ladies have all the fun?

Where can we buy your music? And whats your website?

Hey, I can answer both questions with one word: www.matthewebel.com That’s it!

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