Product Launch: iPhone 3GS Recorder & the Media Stream!

iPhone RecorderGet the iPhone 3GS Recorder

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Recording App for the iPhone 3GS, now available for free in the Apple App Store! We’ve also added a new product to the site called the “Media Stream” that provides a real-time stream of tagged videos.

iPhone 3GS Recorder Application

The iPhone Recorder can syndicate videos to five points, maximizing viewership for iPhone videos: Ustream, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Ustream on Facebook. The application allows users to record and store videos in high quality, even when not connected to the internet or on the 3G network.

Media Stream

The Media Stream provides broadcasters with the ability to aggregate content on their show page from other Ustream users, based on a certain topic (hashtag). For example imagine you’re watching a conference stream with the hashtag “#CoolConference”, and someone in the crowd just uploaded a video from their iPhone and put “#CoolConference” in the video title. That video would pop up below the player you are watching – in the Media Feed – allowing you to see an entirely different part of the conference.

Each show has a hashtag associated with it – all a user needs to do to send a video to that show is include the show’s hashtag in their video title (example: Teaching my dog some tricks! #doggycam). The broadcaster can edit their hashtag from the “Your Shows” page under “Media Stream”.

The broadcaster can accept videos from everyone and manually approve them for his show page, or the broadcaster can approve certain users ahead of time so that their videos will go straight to the Media Stream. This is managed from the “Your Shows” page under “Media Stream”.

A new section has been added directly below the player on the show page that displays the newest videos in the Media Stream. When new videos are recorded they will appear in the Media Stream in real time, allowing viewers to quickly find them.


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