Pirillo Reveals The Power of Camtwist – How To Make BETTER Ustream Shows

Chris Pirillo

Ever wonder how some Ustreamers are making those sweet shows?

Well it is EASIER than you think!

The two most popular applications Ustreamer broadcasters are using are Camtwist (For Mac) and Webcammax (For PCs). The programs allow you to stream prerecorded videos, images, scrolling text, logos, RSS Feeds, custom effects, picture in picture, LIVE video guests and even a alpha channel! These programs are very powerful and will dramatically increase the experience of your broadcasts.

Internet Icon Chris Pirillo (live.pirillo.com) today did a amazing video blog on his secrets behind his professional looking broadcasts and mashups. He uses Steve Green’s Camtwist to produce the effects you see on his site and stream.

Check Our Chris’ Ustream.tv Broadcast on How To Use Camtwist Here >>

You can dramatically improve your Ustream broadcasts by utilizing these two programs:

Camtwist (For Macs):


WebCamMax (For PC):


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