Pay-Per-View and Subscriptions Update

Hey, Sol from the product team here. I’m excited to announce some improvements to our Pay-Per-View and Subscription products, launching today.

Improved Pay-Per-View and Subscriptions Purchase Flow

We’ve updated our purchase flow so that the entire purchase process lives inside the player. The improved purchase flow will make it easier and faster to purchase access to paid events; we hope you’ll like it as much as we do. To see how the new purchase flow looks, check out our upcoming UFC event (just make sure to only complete the purchase if you want to watch the show).  Take a look at the difference between our old purchase flow and new purchase flow below

New Purchase Flow (One-Step)

Old Purchase Flow (Multi-Step)

Step 1

Step 2

Embedding your Pay-Per-View or Subscription Channel on your Website

If you’re embedding your Pay-Per-View or Subscription show on your website, when a user wants to purchase a ticket they’ll never have to leave your page.  The entire purchase process will work inside of the embedded player.  Note that this is currently a feature we’re only offering to our premium Per-Per-View Broadcasters.

To learn more about our premium Pay-Per-View and Subscription product offerings, please contact our sales team.

Keep Streaming!


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