Open Pay-Per-View and Ad-Free Broadcasting Coming Soon to Ustream Users

We are so excited about a couple of new tools for Ustream users that we couldn’t hold it in any longer!

In the next few weeks, we are rolling out the Ustream Open Pay-Per-View program and Ad-Free Broadcasting.

Ustream Open PPV will allow any Ustream broadcaster to apply directly to Ustream for the ability to charge viewers for content. Once a broadcaster is approved for Ustream’s Open PPV program, they will be able to monetize their content via PayPal payments. Let’s say you host a weekly show, such as a music show, a cooking show or a conference on Ustream, but you decide to produce an episode with special content – such as high-profile guests or a private lesson. As an approved Ustream Open PPV user you’ll be able to charge your viewers to watch the premium content. And, voila – pay-per-view is democratized and broadcasters have a chance to attract some of Ustream’s 45 million monthly viewers.

Ustream’s Open PPV program is now available to a few Ustream-selected broadcasters, but we will soon open the doors to applications from the user community and announce special PPV content from Ustream and our partners. Please sign up here to be notified about the application process or submit your request for your own PPV show.

And, Ad-Free Broadcasting is just around the corner. With this new tool, Ustream users can quickly offer their viewers an ad-free viewing experience during their stream. When the service is available, broadcasters will choose from a range of options that give them more control over their viewers’ experience. We plan to make Ad-Free Broadcasting available in early November – stay tuned and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

We know that many of you will have questions about the details surrounding these offerings. We will give more details and answer your questions when these tools are available to the community.

Until then, we look forward to bringing you these great new ways to improve your Ustream experience!

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