Matthew Ebel is Awesome

He’s been called a soulful white guy, an acoustic geek-rocker, and the love child of Elton John and Billy Joel. His fans know him as everything from Matthew to Birdman to simply “Hot Wings”. Whatever you call him, though, Matthew Ebel is more than just a singer-songwriter, he’s a space pirate captain that takes his fans and friends beyond the mundane.


Matthew Ebel has been broadcasting hour long concerts every Wednesday at 2PM EST, and so far, he’s totally rocked. He’s ridiculously entertaining, and a ton of fun to watch live.

Whether you’ve never heard of him, or are a long time Ebel lover, you have to check out his concerts!

You can watch him live here: , and if you love him as much as I do, you can buy a CD or 6 here:


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