I Can’t Stop Watching…The Casey Anthony Trial

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Hi, my name is Joanna, and I’m addicted to watching the Casey Anthony Trial on Ustream. From Judge Belvin Perry’s constant side-remarks about food (“Council, is the dessert cart lady here today?”) to the palpable tension between Defense Attorney Jose Baez and Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Ashton (who also wears a variety of interesting neckties) I’m pretty much hooked.

And I’m not alone. A healthy sized crowd in the Social Stream are offering up a constant flow of information and comments on the proceedings. People just tuning in are always asking, “What did I miss?” and are quickly filled in by their fellow viewers. The whole thing amounts to a kind of communal TV-watching experience, and I look forward to seeing what people are saying about the witnesses, lawyers, and the evidence being presented by both sides. Whether you think Casey Anthony is guilty or not, watching the trial unfold live provides a fascinating look inside the modern legal process.

The defense is expected to wrap up their case by Thursday, June 30th, followed by closing arguments and the jury’s deliberation. So in other words, you don’t have much longer to tune in! Join me (and my obsession) daily from 9am-5pm EST for continuing coverage of the trial on the live feed right here.

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