Happy Birthday to the Shiba Six!

sfshiba upcoming

Hard to believe, but one year ago today, the six most adorable puppies in the whole world were born. On October 7, 2008, Amaya, Aki, Ando, Akoni, Autumn, and Ayumi were introduced to the world via Ustream. Over the next few months, millions of viewers watched the puppies grow, play, and sleep. People were so taken with the little ones that they garnered their own following, known as the Shibaholics!

To celebrate their birthday, Ustream is holding a contest! Look through all the SFShiba recorded videos by going here, and try to find moments where the following things happen:

– One puppy chews on another’s tail
– Puppies play with a toy
– Puppy barking
– Puppy yawning
– Puppy fallen and can’t get up

Make a note of the URL of the recorded video and the minute and second mark where the moment occurs, and comment on this post. The first person to comment in each category will receive free Ustream swag!

Good luck!

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