Diggnation On Ustream.TV For iPhone Release

Alex and Kevin from Diggnation
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWeb 2.0 Cultural Phenomenons Kevin and Alex of Diggnation today streamed LIVE on Ustream.TV. The stream was brought to us by our good friends at Zooomr.com.

Hundreds of people lined outside the Apple store in Palo Alto, CA to be first in line to get Apple’s new iPhone. Diggnation did a live recording outside the store in anticipation for its highly anticipated release. Nearly 4,000 viewers tuned in to catch their podcasts.

Crowds of Silicon Valley’s most influential gathered in line at the Apple store. Witnessed were the likes of Robert Scoble, Jeremiah Owyang, Kristopher Tate, Thomas Hawk, Bill Atkinson (first Apple developer and the guy who wrote MacPaint, Hypercard, and lots of other stuff on the original Mac team)and many more.

Zooomr TV provided LIVE mobile coverage all night from outside the store interviewing the numerous eagerly waiting iPhone fans.

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