Apple's WWDC 2007Wow, it’s been quite a day for We had a number of monster events today, including streaming live from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Thanks to Ustreamers like iPhone Alley, we shattered all our previous traffic records. Over 75,000 streamers tuned into listen to this live broadcast alone.

Unfortunately, the increased load (several times our normal levels) did strain the system, but thanks to the heroic efforts of the technical team, we kept the system running. Our apologies to anyone who experienced technical difficulties during the massive surge in usage.

We have a number of additional scalability features coming on line in the next few weeks which should help us manage continued growth. Remember, if you are planning on getting over 1,000 viewers for your broadcast, please do let us know in advance, and we can make the necessary preparations.

As always, we thank our Ustreamers for trusting us with their broadcasts, and continuing to push Ustream forward.

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