9/22/2008 Upcoming LIVE Events on Ustream

Here’s your weekly guide to what’s happening on Ustream!

Willie Nelson and his bio-fuel boys plan on taking a VW on the great
Cannon Ball Run, over 3,000 miles from NYC to LA without stopping! 1
tank of fuel, a bunch of snacks, and a live camera on the dash. Check
out their site here – http://willierun.com.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is streaming Live on Ustream
on September 25, at Silicon Valley’s premier business and technology
forum, http://www.churchillclub.org/.

Also on Thursday, TechCrunch Austin. From 3-5pm CDT TechCrunch is having
a good ol’ fashion Texas Meetup. Facebook, Livestrong, and The Ice
Cream Man will all be there so check it out:


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