Pay-per-view live streaming unlocked with Cleeng


Cleeng and Ustream have always worked seamlessly in providing broadcasters with a fully-functional and dependable platform to deliver & monetize their content. Ustream’s robust and reliable video streaming service combined with Cleeng’s flexible pay-per-view solution are a match made in heaven. During the last two years over 40 different broadcasters have leveraged the power of our collaboration and have recorded more than 300 live streamed events using Ustream as their preferred platform. What makes broadcasters choose this service partnership?


The simplicity and quickness to broadcast high quality live content is valuable for broadcasters, and having a reliable partner that can coordinate and manage a live PPV event is beneficial for their brand, revenues and long term strategy. Cleeng was able to help the Mrs. United States pageant act quickly and set up the live stream via Ustream and create unique viewing offerings (one-time, multi-day passes) to leverage a proven pay-per-view solution with Cleeng.


Viewers want maximum flexibility and freedom to buy and consume content on the platforms they love most, whether that be mobile, smart TV or any streaming device. The challenge for the broadcaster is to integrate third-party solutions into their existing system as smooth as possible and offer diverse payment options in order to keep up with major competitors. Bashar Communications utilizes the flexibility provided by Ustream and Cleeng by offering live streaming video classes and recorded sessions via Ustream, while the authentication and billing is handled through Cleeng.

Positive ROI:

For many publishers, entering the premium content space is a big strategic leap. Choosing a proven platform cuts out the implementation costs and creates a solid base for growing revenues. The SaaS and PaaS capabilities of Ustream & Cleeng makes the live event deployment effortless. Horse Show Wire is a pay-per-view publisher that was in need of a SaaS solution to provide their audience with unique live shows and at the same time grow revenues. While evaluating alternatives and the options of building their own solution, they tested Cleeng and Ustream on a small-scale pilot event and were very happy with the results.

Live broadcasters are well aware that they need reliable technology partners to expand the market and grow their revenues. Working alongside live event specialists like Ustream and Cleeng is a no-brainer! Contact one of our account representatives and find out more.


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