Ustream Premium Memberships – Keep the Fun, Cut the Ads

Hey Ustreamers, my name is Jordan and I’m a product manager here at Ustream. Let me tell you a little story (that’s right… we do story time here at Ustream). When I first joined Ustream a little over a year ago, I was really excited to be able to see all the great content on the site. As luck would have it, my first week on the job there was a shuttle launch — pretty cool right?

Unfortunately, as soon as I landed on the channel page I was greeted by a 30 second commercial which obscured my view of the launch. By the time the commercial was over the space shuttle was just a spec in the sky, heading off into space (insert sad trombone).  As you can see, we all wish that we didn’t have to show these advertisements on Ustream, but we have to keep the lights on somehow, right?

I’m not alone here; many other loyal Ustreamers have voiced the same frustration. We’ve heard from fans that tune into popular channels such as the SF Shiba Puppy Cam and the Decorah Eagle Cam they would like to watch their favorite shows without interruption.

So, here by popular demand, I’m excited to announce the launch of Ustream Premium Memberships, a brand new service that lets you watch all of your favorite shows without advertisements. For $3.99 per month, you get:

  • Unlimited Commercial-Free Viewing – Never miss a moment of your favorite Ustream shows – you’ll stay live when everyone else cuts to commercial. Commercial free viewing also removes display ads throughout the site, so you won’t have to worry about distracting banners while you watch.
  • Premium Social Stream – Wanna stand out in the crowd? Premium members get special badges in the social stream, bold text, and a premium watermark. You’re sure to catch Justin Beiber’s eye when he’s answering questions from the social stream!

  • Premium Profile Icon: You’ll also get a premium members badge on your profile page–sure to elicit envy from fellow Ustreamers.

We’re really excited about this new service, and hopefully it will improve your viewing experience on Ustream. You can sign up now at our Premium Memberships page for only $3.99 a month.

On a side note, if you are a broadcaster looking to make your channel ad-free for everyone, you can check out our Ad-Free Broadcasting Page for more information.

Happy Viewing!

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