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Governor Howard Dean Streams LIVE on Ustream.TV from YearlyKos

Howard Dean LIVE on Ustream.TVLast night, Governor Howard Dean streamed his keynote speech LIVE on Ustream.TV from the YearlyKos Convention. Governor Dean gave a motivating and powerful speech to nearly 1400 in person and another 200 online.

“There is so much great content that mainstream media just doesn’t cover” says Brad Hunstable, Founder of Ustream.TV. “Ustream.TV now gives the world access to all the great conferences and events around the world.”

Tune in Saturday, August 4th for Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer at 8am cst. Later that day at 1pm cst watch the Presidential Leadership Forum LIVE on Ustream.TV.

To see the full Howard Dean Speech CLICK HERE >>

All day Friday and Saturday, Ustream.TV will stream a variety of events, panels, and confernces from the Yearlykos.

Ustream.TV Founders John Ham and Brad Hunstable with Governor Howard Dean

Ustream touches everyday life

One of the best parts about running Ustream is that we often get a chance to have an impact on people’s lives. Here’s one recent letter we received from a pastor in Fort Wayne:

We had a young couple get married at our church recently. The groom’s grandmother just can’t travel from Illinois to Fort Wayne. Three years ago for another wedding in the same family, we used a webcam for the video (every 10 seconds) and held a phone to a speaker connected to the sound system for the audio. Not a good solution.

This time we used ustream ( The grandmother watched. An uncle in California who can’t travel because of early-stage alzheimers. A friend of mine from Austin, Texas who watched because I had twittered about it. There were 13 viewers at one point for this wedding.

Ustream saved a bunch of travel money, of course, but it let those family and friends come to the wedding (and watch it afterwards as well. I tried recording for the first time as well).

Thanks for a meaningful product.

Jon Swanson

This is the kind of thing that really matters. We’re proud that Ustream is touching so many people’s lives, from weddings to graduations:

–Brad Hunstable, Founder

Ustream.TV To Provide Exclusive LIVE Coverage At YearlyKos Convention

Ustream.TV Will Stream the YearlyKos Presidential Debate LIVEThis Thursday through Sunday (Aug 2-5th) Ustream.TV will provide exclusive LIVE coverage of the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago, IL.

The YearlyKos is an annual convention gathering people from all walks of life who belong to the Netroots community, the US-based (but globally focused and inclusive) non-partisan grassroots political action community that uses the Internet and blogs as primary tools for: expressing viewpoints, building consensus, acting to change the status quo, mobilizing huge numbers of people and informing each other and the world about current, events, grassroots actions, networks, meetings, policy and more. The YearlyKos Convention is a project of with the generous support of the Netroots Arts and Education Initiative (NAEI).

On Saturday at 1pm CST, Ustream.TV will stream LIVE the Presidential Ustream.TV Provides LIVE Coverage at YearlyKosLeadership Forum (a Democratic Presidential debate) featuring all the big names: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Chris Dodd, Governor Bill Richardson, and other candidates. Additionally on Saturday at 8am CST, Ustream.TV will provide LIVE coverage of the Ask The Leaders Forum featuring Bob Geiger, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Sen. Charles E. “Chuck” Schumer, Sen. Harry Reid, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Ustream.TV will also provide coverage of the other break-out panels and forums on a variety of topics from “All Politics Is Still Local: Local Blogging” to “The Impact of Globalization on America’s Workforce”.

For more information on the YearlyKos, please visit

TechCrunch Party 9: Thanks For Watching!

Kris Tate at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV had the honor and privilege to stream the TechCrunch Party 9 this past Friday night. Despite some early technical difficulties and limited lighting, overall it was a big success. Ustream Founder Brad Hunstable and CEO Chris Yeh, interviewed numerous Silicon Valley companies providing direct personal access. At times the chatroom was a little “spicy” (note: we will heavily moderate future events of this type), but numerous people have written us to report a incredibly engaging experience.

So who was considered the best interview? The overwhelming favorite was David Stern of Clear Stone Ventures who answered hundreds of questions about VC firms straight from our chatroom.

More pictures of the party from

Allen Sterns report on all the Ustream.TV Interviews:

Coverage from Jeremiah Owyang:

Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9Ustream.TV at TechCrunch Party 9

Robert Scoble Interviews Ustream.TV CEO Chris Yeh On Beta 3

Ustream Gets New Chat And Other Streaming Video Features

Courtesy of Robert Scoble | July 25th, 2007 7:45 am

Ustream.TV CEO Chris Yeh with Robert Scoble is one of a new set of networks that let you publish live streaming video on the Internet. Presidential candidate John Edwards, on Monday evening, used Ustream to talk with thousands of people after the CNN/YouTube debates. But today Ustream is shipping new features including a new chat application, and a new way for viewers to rate how good a video stream is at this moment. Here, CEO Chris Yeh and marketing assistant Mary-Jo Montreynaud, tell me what the latest is at Ustream and give me a preview of the new features which will be live today.

You can see the entire video interview here:

Ustream.TV CEO Chris Yeh with Robert Scoble

The New Ustream Lets Viewers Talk Back

The newest additions to Ustream are our Shout Meter and Live Polls. From now on, every time you tune into a live show, you’ll be able to let everyone know how you feel.

The Shout Meter:

Every time you click, you boost both your personal shout volume for the show (how interested you are), as well as the overall roar of the crowd. Both measures of shout volume are dynamic–as soon as you stop clicking, both your personal shout volume and the roar of the crowd start to fade. This lets Ustream measure the second-by-second excitement level of each show, and highlight the most exciting shows by featuring them on the homepage and program guide.

Check out the new Shout Meter on any live show–just click the soundwave button to pull up your Shout Meter, and click to shout.

Live Polls:

The new Ustream will also let our broadcasters find out how their audience feels with our new Live Polls. At any time during your broadcast, you can go to the Broadcaster Console and set up an Live Poll just by clicking Poll and filling out the form.

Whether you’re trying to get an answer to one of life’s toughest questions, or just figuring out which shirt to wear, Live Polls let your audience give you their opinions

Other New Broadcaster Toys:

Don’t worry broadcasters, the viewers aren’t having all the fun. The latest version of Ustream adds two new modules, just for you: Personal Links and the new Past Clips archive.

Personal Links:

Want to direct your viewers to your blog or Web site? How about your FaceBook, MySpace, or Facebook page? Now you can. Just log in, click on “My Profile”, and enter the corresponding URLs. They’ll show up right below your video stream for all your shows. And if you have a PayPal account, you can add a Tip Jar to your shows, in case your viewers are feeling generous (or in case you’re willing to take on-air dares).

Past Clips:

Want viewers to be able to watch your old clips? Now, with the Past Clips module,

viewers can page through your old clips without ever leaving your show page. Better make sure you’ve checked what’s in those archives!

We hope you enjoy the new interactivity and features. All of these improvements are brand spanking new, so we look forward to getting your feedback. Just email your suggestions to The more you tell us, the more we can improve.

More conversations are developing on Techmeme as well:

Thousands Watch LIVE Pool Tournament on Ustream.TV

LIVE Pool Tournament on Ustream.TVThis past weekend was witness to yet another Ustream.TV first- a LIVE Pool Tournament. The folks at Shooters in Olathe, KS streamed a 10-ball ring game tournament for the world to watch last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Over the course of the entire weekend, nearly 20,000 people caught some portion of this event. The entry fee for the tournament was $3,000 and we have not yet heard, but are eagerly awaiting, the winner’s name and purse!

“Once again we see the excitement and power of interactive live video from Ustream.TV. We see a future one day when there are hundreds of pool tournaments live online every weekend,” says John Ham, Founder of Ustream.TV.

Congrats on a very successful Ustream event…


Ustream.TV Partners with Warner Music Group to Connect Online Fans With New Artists via Live Interactive Video

Freekey Zekey of Asylum Records Chats Live and Answer Fan Questions About His Debut Album, “Book of Ezekiel”

Ustream.TV and Freekey Zekey Press ConferenceHip hop artist Freekey Zekey, under contract with WMG’s Asylum Records, connected live with his fans on the day of his debut album release, “Book of Ezekiel.” Thousands of fans from across the globe were be able to interact with Freekey Zekey via three different websites: Ustream.TV, and Freekey Zekey’s MySpace. The Ustream.TV live streaming video platform was used for all three websites. Freekey Zekey answered questions and provided information about his new album, music videos and pending tours.

“Artists, who typically spend a great deal of time finding new ways to connect with their fans online, can now use Ustream.TV as a new and highly appealing way to really connect with their fan bases – in a live web environment,” said Jeff Sharon, Asylum Records. “Working with Ustream.TV is a very efficient way to bring our artists to the world and give fans an exciting opportunity to interact with them.”

“WMG’s Asylum Records understands the power of steaming live video to engage and expand a fan base, and both artists and fans will be energized by how they can connect in a way that was never before possible,” said Chris Yeh, CEO of Ustream.TV. “This partnership is a natural fit for Ustream and demonstrates how our platform is helping people create, broadcast, discover and archive entirely new, interactive video experiences.”

You can learn more about Freekey Zekey and his new album at

Freekey Zekey Press Conference LIVE on Ustream.TV

Politics Web 2.0: Senator John Edwards Streams LIVE on Ustream.TV

Presidential Candidate Senator John Edwards LIVE on Ustream.TVTonight, presidential candidates John Edwards and Chris Dodd made history by Ustreaming live video Q&A sessions after the Democratic debate on CNN and reached thousands of viewers.

Until now, candidates and politicians have used the Internet to get messages out and raise money. Ustream gives them a way to engage voters in a real conversation.

For most of the history of politics and television, candidates have sought to control the message with spin doctors, attack ads, and sound bites. Ustream lets candidates cut through these layers of obfuscation and engage directly with voters in a way that no recorded video can.

In a real sense, Ustreaming is a throwback to an earlier era, when politics was a live event and politicians would take the train from town to town, trying to appear before as many voters as possible.

We invite all candidates to join John Edwards and Chris Dodd in Ustreaming. It’s the right tool to provide interactivity, participation, and authenticity.

But don’t take it from us–here’s what other bloggers had to say:

Jennifer Jones: “The use of social media will decide the outcome of the election.”

Ustream advisor Shel Israel: “The internet is beginning to restore the democracy part of the elective process.”

Ustream advisor Jeremiah Owyang: “The web is empowering everyone to communicate and for figures in power to reach others, and be more human.”

John Edwards on Ustream.TV

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