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Shoe On Your Head- Ustream.TV Rite of Passage

l_04cf37f41412d1e69a1abdbfe00c928f.jpgOvertime, it is not uncommon for groups, organizations, companies, cultures or peoples
to develop tradition or rites of passage. In my opinion, tradition is something special that in today’s rapidly changing society we see less and less of.

I’m not real sure how it happened (I think Chris Pirillo was the first?), but the ultimate Ustream community test to prove your LIVE is to place a shoe on your head.

So when I saw this picture of Bluefox I couldn’t help but think one thing, “Incredible.”

The next time someone asks you to put a shoe on your head, remember, it’s tradition.


Ever see those late-night infomercials on getting Government Money?

lesko.jpgGrowing up, I saw Matthew Lesko on TV from time-to-time, but only recently did I have a chance to connect with the man behind the “question mark suit.” Mr. Lesko reached out to Ustream.TV in hopes of finding support for his passion. I offered my help to him with both a sense of familiarity (from all those late-night infomercials) and a sense of discovery (who is he really?).

Mr. Lesko camped out for 72-hours in front of the Nation’s Capital to teach Americans about available resources. Mr. Lesko says hundreds of millions of uncommitted Government program dollars are available each fiscal year. “That’s opportunity that goes wasted and that really inspires me to inform Americans,” says Mr. Lesko with the passion that sustains him in his mission.

So I asked him, “Why Ustream? Why broadcast this LIVE to the entire world?” I wanted to make a point to Mr. Lesko that the power of Ustream is LIVE and it’s GLOBAL. It’s the ultimate access and discovery tool – it breaks down the barriers between reality and production media – the ultimate truth, raw and uncensored, gets lesko1.jpgconveyed. People that like being ‘photoshoped’ need to be wary of the power of Ustream. Mr. Lesko responded that he welcomed that and that he has been searching for a better way to connect with his passion. I quickly realized that what he meant was that his passion was people. It seems that while I was trying to make a point, he did.

As I watched his channel, a small business owner from Lousiana came into the chat room to thank Mr. Lesko personally. Apparently, the small business owner used Mr. Lesko’s book to get out of financial hardship. He repeatedly thanked Mr. Lesko. The small business owner was struggling, his family was falling apart because of financial pressures, and thanks to a Government program…he found the assistance he needed to get back on a better track.

It seems, if one person is touched – it’s truly worth it. I admire Mr. Lesko because, like me, he’s a man taking risk on behalf of a better vision.

For more information on Matthew Lesko, please visit

John Ham
Founder, Ustream.TV

iSoccer- Live Soccer Game On Ustream.TV

soccer.jpgAs a big soccer enthusiast, I was glad to watch this past weekend a great soccer game on Ustream.TV. The game was between the Cleveland City Stars at Richmond Kickers of the United Soccer League ( Just another great example of people bringing great content to the world that is too expensive for mainstream media to cover. Thanks for the great game and hopefully we’ll see more!soccer1.jpg

Ustream.TV Featured in PC Magazine – Editor’s Choice

PC Magazine this week featured Ustream.TV as their Editor’s Choice. We think its a great review and a testament to all the help and advice from the Ustream Community! Thank You!

“ makes it so easy to broadcast live video, it’s only a matter of
time before everyone’s doing it.

This free service lets anyone with a notebook, webcam, and an Internet
connection broadcast live, real-time video from just about anywhere. It’s
amazingly practical, more than a little fun, and quite possibly a revolution
in broadcasting.

I can think of countless applications for this service. You could conduct
live interviews at trade shows or other venues. You could broadcast a
wedding or school play for friends or family who can’t attend (though,
again, the video quality is a little iffy for large-scale events). You could
even share a breaking news event with the world. Ustream turns your notebook
PC into a mobile TV studio, able to broadcast to tens of thousands of
simultaneous viewers.”

To see the full article please visit PC Mag:,1759,2167967,00.asp

Birth 2.0 – Another Ustream First

baby.jpgBack in April, I had the honor of witnessing the birth of my new son Hayden. As a founder of Ustream, I naturally thought a great idea would be to stream the birth LIVE on our new platform (and no I did not plan on “showing” anything). However, this plan was quickly shot down by my lovely (and smarter) significant other. I told her we would save it for our next child at which she just laughed.

Well, someone beat me to it. This Ustream first now (atleast to my knowledge) goes to Elle Marie Saarinen, our very own honorary Ustream baby.

See clips here >> (all “clean” to my knowledge”)

Here’s a interesting take on this story:
Childbirth 2.0: Have Blackberry, Will Twitter

What will you Ustream?


WebCamMax Launches New Version, New Look, New Functions

WebCamMax has recently announced the release of their new version This new release includes the ability to have two seperate video feeds in a picture in picture and the ability to add a draw capability on top of the screen. The new version also includes a improved UI, however they do not offer a Mac solution. For Macs, we still recommend Camtwist by Steve Green. Although still not as good as Camtwist, WebCamMax is still the best we have seen for the PC.

For a full list of the new WebCamMax functions

CLICK HERE>>webcamamx1.jpg

With WebCamMax you can:
Enable PinP, Dual Camera, Play List, Free Paint, Photo Slides and Skin Changing. Mask moves with your head. Customize effects. Modify effects by mouse. More than 1800 free effects online. Video Recorder, Snap. Share webcam in 16 programs.

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32bit OS.

Version: WebcamMax

Price: $29.95, Free to Try

You can also download a full effects package (there are tons!) here:

“Why This Election Will Be Won Online”

I found this great blog post that we feel is very insightful!

by Ed Roberts

I can not stand politics. It doesn’t matter what kind we’re talking about: Office, media, government. To me, politics scream ego, spin, and it stifles true option. Let’s face it, we all CRINGE when the political ads start rolling on television. Despite that, I was thrilled to see evidence of how important new media is going to be in this year’s presidential election.

The folks over at UStream.TV streamed the entire YearlyKos convention in Chicago this year. The highlight of the convention was a forum with the Democratic presidential candidates on Saturday. There were 1,400 people at the conference itself. During the forum, 2,500 people were watching on UStream at the same time. An amazing 40,000 people tuned in at some point during the conference. That is absolutely amazing to me. UStream even went as far as to ask questions from the online forum to General Wesley Clark.

People are hungry for information. They are turning to internet sources for this information with greater and greater frequency. While it’s difficult to manage 50 people, let alone 2,500 people in a forum to address questions, it’s exactly the direction these candidates need to go. The last two presidential elections have been all about the town hall meeting. With the advent of new media, this town hall NEEDS to be taken online. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Relationships is what web 2.0 and new media are all about. It’s about being more authentic, personal, approachable, and accessible. The candidate that can utilize the tools of new media and at least portray this feeling of authenticity will flourish. We need to talk WITH the candidates, not be talked AT.

Gregory Itzen of FOX’s 24 to Appear on Filmnut – Ustream Welcomes

Gregory Itzen of FOX's 24 LIVE at Filmnut by Thestream.tvUstream.TV is proud to welcome a series of new shows to our nightly line produced by Thestream.TV.

Thestream.TV is bringing their entire line up of nightly shows to Ustream.TV. These shows include “Show Us the Funny!”, “Green Health Live”, “Guide to Getting a Life”, “Coin-Op TV Live
Gaming Culture News & Industry Guests”, “Lovestream”, “Live! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!”, “Filmnut” and many more!

Actor Gregory Itzin of FOX’s 24 will be LIVE on Ustream.TV. He has also appeared on Boston Legal, Firefly, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Enterprise & Voyager, Judging Amy, The O.C., Friends, The Practice, The West Wing, Quantum Leap, Matlock and Beverly Hills 90210. Movie credits include Adaptation, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Airplane!. His IMDB credits are indeed vast. Itzin recently completed principle photography of the independent feature film “Float.” He’ll be joining us to discuss big budget vs. indie projects and to talk about production in general from an actor’s point of view.

Chat with him live during the broadcast on Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 at 8pm PST (11pm EST).

The Stream of Consciousness Online Television Network ( is a Los Angeles based, online, independent TV station that airs all of its live, interactive shows out of the same 15′x11′ studio on Wilshire Blvd. Brian Gramo,’s founder, has personally directed nearly 300 live shows since the network launched in January 2007. Viewers that visit the site during a live show can send in questions or comments to the hosts and guests via all major instant messenger services. LIVE on Ustream.TV

Ustream + YearlyKos = Democracy in Action

Ustream.TV LIVE Presidential Debate

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days here in Chicago, where Ustream has been
streaming the annual YearlyKos convention. My co-founder John Ham and I
have worked our tails off trying to cover as much as we can, while meeting
as many folks as possible (Our other founders, Gyula Feher and Adam Katona,
didn’t make the trip from Budapest…just a little too far!).

While we streamed the entire convention, certainly the highlight was
Saturday’s Presidential Forum, featuring Democratic candidates (in
alphabetical order by last name) Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, John Edwards,
Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, and Bill Richardson.

At one point, we had 2,500 people watching and chatting…and
unlike traditional television, these viewers were fully engaged in a
conversation that was at times thought-provoking, funny, brutal, insightful,
and most of all, passionately engaged. Over 40,000 people at one point or another tuned in to watch a portion of the convention. This is amazing because there were only 1,400 there in attendance!

But don’t take my word for it–check out some of the 516 comments on the

John and I got to the convention center every morning to stake out the best
possible spot for the cameras. There we were, with our little video cams,
surrounded and dwarfed by the entourages and equipment of over 200 members
of the traditional press. And yet despite all those cameras and reporters,
Ustream was the only network to carry a critical debate between these
Democratic presidential candidates LIVE:

At one point, one of the cameramen was jockeying for position, and
commented, “The real media should have the best spots.” To which I replied,
“You’re spending the whole day here, and how much of this convention are you
going to broadcast? A 5-second sound bite? We’re broadcasting the whole
thing. Let the people decide what they want to watch. We are the people’s media.”

That’s the beauty of Ustream. Instead of letting other people decide what
you *get* to see, you can choose for yourself. Of course, citizen
journalists aren’t likely to have trucks full of production crews to deliver
HD-quality video with reaction shots of the crowd. But the real choice here
isn’t between Ustream and CNN; it’s between Ustream in all its “low-def
glory” and no coverage at all.

Now what we’d really love is to do the same thing with the Republican
candidates. We’d love to help every candidate out there really connect with

The Internet is bringing the democracy back to politics, and we’re grateful
to be a part of it.

And for those of you who missed it, here are some of the highlights:

Here I am interviewing former General Wesley Clark. In this 10 minute
conversation, we took a bunch of questions from the chat room, touching on
Iraq, Guantanamo, and the recent actions of the Supreme Court. (Sound starts about mid-clip)

We look forward to streaming more events and appreciate all the support from the community!

One last great blog entry on “Why This Election Will Be Won Online”

Best Regards,

Brad Hunstable
Founder, Ustream.TV

Ustream.TV LIVE Presidential DebateUstream.TV LIVE Presidential Debate
Senator Barack ObamaSenator Hillary Clinton LIVE on Ustream.TVdsc01423.jpg

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