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This Week in Product: A New User Dashboard

Hello there! I’m Alden from Ustream’s Product Team. We have revamped your Ustream dashboard to make it even easier for you to manage your Ustream channel, and I want to highlight a couple of features you may not be using yet:

Default Channel

  • If you have more than one channel, you can now choose a “default” channel.  Simply choose your desired channel the first time and now you can access all your important settings directly from the dashboard landing page.

Schedule Events

Recorded Videos

Off Air Settings

  • Did you know you can set one of your recorded videos to play automatically when your fans visit your Ustream page?  You can also set up a slideshow with messaging about your upcoming events.  You can set this up using the “Off Air Settings” menu.  Click here for step by step instructions to set this up.

Happy Ustreaming!

If you have any feedback on our new dashboard, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at!

Ustream Premium Memberships – Keep the Fun, Cut the Ads

Hey Ustreamers, my name is Jordan and I’m a product manager here at Ustream. Let me tell you a little story (that’s right… we do story time here at Ustream). When I first joined Ustream a little over a year ago, I was really excited to be able to see all the great content on the site. As luck would have it, my first week on the job there was a shuttle launch — pretty cool right?

Unfortunately, as soon as I landed on the channel page I was greeted by a 30 second commercial which obscured my view of the launch. By the time the commercial was over the space shuttle was just a spec in the sky, heading off into space (insert sad trombone).  As you can see, we all wish that we didn’t have to show these advertisements on Ustream, but we have to keep the lights on somehow, right?

I’m not alone here; many other loyal Ustreamers have voiced the same frustration. We’ve heard from fans that tune into popular channels such as the SF Shiba Puppy Cam and the Decorah Eagle Cam they would like to watch their favorite shows without interruption.

So, here by popular demand, I’m excited to announce the launch of Ustream Premium Memberships, a brand new service that lets you watch all of your favorite shows without advertisements. For $3.99 per month, you get:

  • Unlimited Commercial-Free Viewing – Never miss a moment of your favorite Ustream shows – you’ll stay live when everyone else cuts to commercial. Commercial free viewing also removes display ads throughout the site, so you won’t have to worry about distracting banners while you watch.
  • Premium Social Stream – Wanna stand out in the crowd? Premium members get special badges in the social stream, bold text, and a premium watermark. You’re sure to catch Justin Beiber’s eye when he’s answering questions from the social stream!

  • Premium Profile Icon: You’ll also get a premium members badge on your profile page–sure to elicit envy from fellow Ustreamers.

We’re really excited about this new service, and hopefully it will improve your viewing experience on Ustream. You can sign up now at our Premium Memberships page for only $3.99 a month.

On a side note, if you are a broadcaster looking to make your channel ad-free for everyone, you can check out our Ad-Free Broadcasting Page for more information.

Happy Viewing!

This Week in Product: Total Views in Player

Oh, why, hello there Ustreamer. You caught me while I was in the middle of hatching plans for the next glorious version of Ustream Skynet, which goes live in 2031. I would do another post when it’s ready, but by then it will be too late for all of us.

Anyhow, it’s time for “This Week in Product” — the first time, actually. As we’ve started to push more new features your way over the last few weeks, we thought it would be worthwhile to tell you about them (brilliant, I know). You may have seen Matt’s post about our Facebook App or Felix’s about the new channel page. If you haven’t, check them out.

Well, my name is Peter and I’m the head of product management at Ustream, and I want to tell you about a change that is going live as you read this (or maybe not — maybe it’s already out; I can’t predict when you’ll read this. Ustream Skynet will have that feature, though.): Total Views in Player.

You’ll start to notice some new text in the video player on all of our channels, as well as our embedded players that reached 65 million people worldwide in April, who watched for over 90 million viewer hours (more about that in another post).

Previously, our video player showed only the concurrent viewers. These are the number of people watching a broadcast at that exact moment. Concurrent viewers can go up and down as people tune in and out. A show can have zero concurrent viewers or it can have hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers, like the Decorah Eagles did a few days ago.

Now, our video player shows two numbers: the first (108 in the screenshot of Spacevidcast to the right) is labeled current. These are the old “concurrent viewers” and the logic has not changed.

The second (2276 in the screenshot) is labeled total views. This is the total number of views the show has since it started the current broadcast. If the show goes off-air and comes back later, this number will reset to zero. This number can only go up: as people come and go, concurrent viewers will go up and down, but total views will only grow.

We hope this change helps improve your experience on Ustream, both on our site and across the web. Enjoy!

Introducing the New Ustream Facebook Application

Update: Please note that the New Ustream Facebook Application feature described in this article has since been depreciated. It is no longer supported. It has been replaced by Inline Video Playback for Facebook and Twitter. The Inline Playback feature works over both social networks, and is as easy as posting the channel URL to a Facebook wall post or Tweet to implement. There is no application to install or other steps involved. It just requires a channel page that does not have advanced security features on it, like support for Single Sign-On. Read the Inline Video Playback article for more details.


When you broadcast live on Ustream we make sure that your event is viewable everywhere – on your Ustream channel page, on our mobile applications, and on embeds in blogs and websites throughout the internet.

Today we are excited to announce that you can showcase your Ustream events on your Facebook Page – giving you yet another place for your fans to view your content. It is viral, it is customizable, and it is absolutely free for everyone through the new Ustream Facebook Application.

New Ustream Facebook Application

New Features: New + Improved Channel Pages, Check-In & Chat

Hi fellow Ustreamers,

Today we released a new + improved Channel page. You’ll notice a sleeker and friendlier design across the board. Improvements touch on all aspects of the page from the Social Stream to the Recommended Live Show pane. I’m sure you’ll dig the changes – whether you’re a broadcaster or a viewer!

[clear here]

Here are the top highlights of the new Channel Page:

Check-in & Chat with Ease

  • Improved log-in makes it easier to begin chatting
  • Share your chats more easily with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and AIM
  • Log into Ustream, chat and choose when to syndicate your messages to the Social Stream
  • See more of the conversation in Social Stream and Chats with one click of the “more” button [clear here]

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New Title Bars!

We’ve brought the same dynamic title bar found on featured streams on the category page to everyone’s channel page. Here are some of the key features:

  • Channel Picture, with live ribbon to inform viewers when live
  • Custom Event Titles displayed for scheduled events
  • Join Crowd, Tweet, and Facebook ‘Like’ buttons are now above the video player

[clear here]

iFrames for Premium Members

A total of three new iFrames allow premium broadcasters greater flexibility in both the design and the functionality of their channel page.  Potential uses include:

  • Custom large channel banner at the top of the Channel Page
  • In-channel Stores for monetization
  • Links to Broadcasters other webpages

What’s Next

We’re working hard on similar improvements for our recorded video and user pages.  Look for these changes in the upcoming weeks.  Please send feedback and suggestions to

Ustream Adds Live Video Applications for Television and Mobile Platforms to Complete Three-Screen Strategy with Panasonic, Verizon and Boxee

We are announcing exciting news today from Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to kick off 2011! For the first time, our live content and interactive experience will be available across all “three screens” — television, mobile and PC — through new relationships with Verizon Wireless, Panasonic and Boxee. [clear here]

The live Ustream content you enjoy – red carpets, movie premieres, celebrity chats, concerts, breaking news events and more – will be available later this spring across devices in the digital living room and on next-generation mobile networks. Ustream Lounge, our 10-foot television experience, is optimized for Google TV and Boxee, and works in most modern browsers to provide a refined experience optimized for larger screens. Here is a glimpse of what’s to come: [clear here]

[clear here]

[clear here]

• The Ustream Android application for Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network combines low-latency, high-quality broadcasting and viewing over Verizon’s 4G LTE Network into a single application. It also allows users to watch and RSVP to live events, join crowds, and share with social networks. It’s slated to launch later this winter. [clear here]

• The Panasonic VIERA Connect Ustream application, a first for live online video, provides instant streaming access of live and recorded content on Panasonic 2011 VIERA Connect-enabled HDTVs. [clear here]

Ustream Lounge on Boxee gives you access to the most popular live and recorded content in a simple interface tailored for the big screen. This will be available on Jan. 9th. [clear here]

Click here to test drive the Ustream Lounge experience.

EVO 2009 World Finals

EVO logo

Starting this Friday at 9:00am PST, Ustream will power a live stream of the EVO World Finals from Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring some of the most talented members of the fighting game community. This is the largest and longest-running gaming event of its kind. Over the course of the weekend, players will compete in 6 tournaments and 50,000 matches. In the end, there will only be one winner.

The World Finals will feature:

  • Special appearance by Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono
  • The world’s largest live Street Fighter IV competition
  • Tekken 6 playable on console
  • The best players from around the US and the world, including Japan’s legendary champion Daigo Umehara
  • The newest build of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
  • First publicly playable Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for X360 and PSN
  • And more!

Watershed adds Mobile

Watershed now offers white-label, live mobile broadcasting applications under flexible pricing options. Now businesses can enable, live mobile broadcasting under their brand while minimizing typical capex or licensing fees by leveraging Watershed flexible pricing.

Watershed Mobile is:
1. Truly live – low-latency
2. Interactive – Yes/No polling and real-time chat
3. GPS enabled
4. Twitter enabled – leverage your following

Watershed also is noting recent customer to include Oracle, Duke University, Sun Microsystems, UC Berkeley, and Sling Media. Enterprises appreciate simple webcasts and simple pricing.

Watershed also is introducing monthly plans as an additional pricing option for those who have predictable usage and would like additional savings.

Watershed (

Today, Ustream launches Watershed

Watershed is a self-serve platform for organizations both large and small who need private-label live, interactive video. Flexible for everyone, Watershed offers plug-and-play widgets to robust API integration solutions as well as Pay-As-You-Go pricing: No monthly fees, No contracts, and No wasted bandwidth. Ever.

Here’s what my partners have to share in this Watershed moment:

Brad Hunstable, founder and President, says, “Watershed gives customers flexible pricing that traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) are not able to provide due to their legacy capital costs. Thus Watershed is a perfect solution for IT managers who need that flexibility.”

Dr. Gyula Feher, founder and CTO, says, “Watershed was designed and developed to be the most flexible platform for live, interactive video. With that in mind, the solution offers everything from plug-and-play widgets to robust API integration solutions. And our Pay-As-You-Go pricing means no monthly fees, no contracts, and no wasted bandwidth for our customers. As a value proposition to the market, Watershed truly marks an industry watershed moment.”

In summary, we’re bringing the most flexible platform with the most flexible pricing to market. It’s truly a Watershed Moment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful users and employees. Today, we’ve brought a compelling live streaming solution for businesses. Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you.

10/17/08 Get Higher Quality!

We just released our Flash Media Encoder integration! Now, any Ustream user can produce higher quality Ustream broadcasts with Flash Media Encoder. For those of you who are not yet familiar, Flash Media Encoder (FME) uses cutting edge codes to produce professional-quality audio and video broadcasts.

Coupling FME’s encoding power with Ustream’s robust broadcast console is the perfect solution for users seeking both high quality streams and powerful interactive features.

Ustream’s FME Broadcast Console allows users to:
* Start and stop their FME broadcasts
* Create FME broadcast recordings
* Add customized graphic overlays to their FME broadcasts
* Add polls
* Invite cohosts

Click here to get started or learn more about using FME.

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