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Ustream for Change Embraces Luz Para Venezuela

When we launched Ustream for Change two months ago, we were overwhelmed with the positive response we received toward the cause. Citizen journalism had been at the core of the Ustream platform since the beginning, so creating a formalized program to educate and enable anyone who wanted to use live video for social change with the tools to do so, seemed like the next logical step.

After sifting through more than 170 applications, we are proud to announce that Miami-based non-profit Luz Para Venezuela (Light for Venezuela), will be our first member voted in by our internal committee.

Luz Para Venezuela’s Ustream Channel:

Luz Para Venezuela protest

Ustream for Change was created to advance Ustream’s mission to empower businesses and societies to be more transparent and productive through the innovative use of live video.  Luz Para Venezuela demonstrates our mission by committing to provide real, un-edited coverage from the situation in Venezuela where the government has chosen to censor local and international media from broadcasting protests and civil unrest as it spreads across the country.

Live streaming video by Ustream


Learn more about our exciting new program HERE, or read our press release HERE.

Ustream Collaborates with Verizon

Here at Ustream, we take pride in having the best streaming experience from mobile devices. Whether you’re capturing your child’s soccer game or breaking news, we make sure your special moments can be shared with friends and family across the globe.

That’s why we’re excited today to announce that we’ve collaborated with Verizon Wireless, America’s Largest and Most Reliable Wireless Network, to bring new features to our Android users. Verizon Wireless subscribers with participating Android devices will get their own Verizon channel with some great new features: 

Tackling Top Issues (Part 4): Audio and Syncing Issues


Today’s Tuesday Tips post is part four of the five-part series, which will focus on how to tackle some of the most common issues our broadcasters face. Kayla D’Alonzo, one of our Customer Success reps, will be sharing advice over the next few weeks, starting with audio and syncing issues. 

                                             Hello Audio, Are You There?

Audio can be a bit tricky sometimes, but it is the feature that makes your stream come alive and captures the perfect sound for your broadcast. You can capture your audio either from your built-in computer microphone, camera, mobile device, or an external microphone that runs through an audio mixer into your computer. But, when you notice something strange going on with your audio not matching up with the image, take a step back.

In Part One of the series, I highly recommend that for every broadcast there should be a test. Make sure your broadcast settings match up with your audio and camera. Record your test and play back to see if your audio is in sync or out of sync. When the audio is connected into the computer make sure you see levels moving up and down from your mixer and encoder (i.e., Ustream Producer, FMLE, and/or Wirecast).  Questions to ask yourself; broadcast settings match up? Is your encoder settings selected at H.264? Do you see levels coming from the audio mixer and encoder? For more information on the correct settings, check out our knowledge base article – Please use H.264 Encoding Instead of x.264 in Wirecast and Producer 5

Set up an audio sync delay for your broadcast. This allows for you to set up in milliseconds of how much delay you want to add to the audio signal. Ustream Producer offers this feature that is built into the encoder. Check out our Audio knowledge base article – Audio. This article shows you how to set up your audio sync delay and other important audio feature to be aware of.

Most of all, test, test, test, before every broadcast! We don’t want you to run into any problems during your broadcast 🙂

Happy streaming and have fun!

Tackling Top Issues (Part 3): Broadcast Delays from shooting to stream


Today’s Tuesday Tips post is part three of the five-part series, which will focus on how to tackle some of the most common issues our broadcasters face. Kayla D’Alonzo, one of our Customer Success reps, will be sharing advice over the next few weeks, starting with broadcast delays from shooting to stream. 

3, 2, 1, Start Broadcast! Now what? 

With any broadcast, especially in television, there is always a delay! When you broadcast live and notice a 30+ second delay there are multiple hops that are involved to make your broadcast hit the player on Ustream. To have a better understanding, I have created a chart below to explain the process it takes to make your broadcast happen on Ustream’s platform.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 5.09.21 PM

Have fun and happy streaming! Next week, I’ll deep dive into audio and syncing issues.

Tackling Top Issues (Part 2): Battling With Bandwidth


Today’s Tuesday Tips post is part two of the five-part series, which will focus on how to tackle some of the most common issues our broadcasters face. Kayla D’Alonzo, one of our Customer Success reps, will be sharing advice over the next five weeks, starting with buffering issues within stream and how to avoid it.

Battling With Bandwidth


   When it comes to broadcasting to your Ustream channel page, the most important thing you should always have is a reliable Internet connection.

5 Tips for PR Pros to get started live streaming in 2014

As public relations professionals we are always looking for new ways to create social chatter around a product, make a big company announcement, or launch a new product. With the help of live video and the New Year filled with personal and professional goals, live video could be exactly what your company needs to boost a product launch, company announcement, or internal town hall to the next level.

1. Figure out what you can use live video for

Narrowing down what you can use live video for is always the most difficult part. Whether you are considering launching a new product, having a Q&A session, streaming a conference, creative a LiveAd, or only using live video internally; determining what will help you reach your goals, will help determine everything from who will go live on video, to what equipment you need.

Ustream’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide For All Of Your Live Video Needs

Getting started with live video streaming doesn’t require the best, most expensive, or high-tech equipment.  With just a few simple gadgets you, and the people on your holiday shopping list, can be ready to easily stream high quality content for a low price.

If you are looking for that last minute gift for a novice streamer or a professional; read on for some of our favorite devices and accessories from 2013.

Live Video Meets Public Relations and Advertising: How to Extend Your Reach and Win New Customers

Last week Ustream’s SVP of Marketing, David Thompson, and the Vice President of Digital & TV Entertainment at Emmis NY, Lin Dai, hosted a workshop at PRSA’s 2013 International Conference in Philadelphia titledLive Video Meets PR and Advertising: How to Extend Your Reach and Win New Customers.”  It became clear during the workshop that publicists are interested in integrating live video into their publicity plans, but many of them either didn’t know where to start, or they already had a plan, but weren’t sure how to get the best ROI.  Integrating video into your B2B and B2C plans has been such a hot topic lately; we’re fielding inquiries like these more and more lately. And because we get questions like these so often, I decided to write an article highlighting David and Lin’s five points for how to seamlessly integrate live video into your publicity plan.

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