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Go Ustream!

My Dearest Ustreamers,

Hope all is well. Today, we announced an additional financing of $6m from our existing lead investors, Softbank and DCM. The timing is perfect for the company and for me to announce that I will be returning to my entrepreneurial roots.

I want to say from the bottom of my heart that I love Ustream. I thank everyone for their support over the past 4.5 years. Ustream is about allowing anyone to broadcast live over the Internet while interacting with their family, friends, fans or following.

I will stay on as Chairman of the Board and continue to support the Company.

Keep streaming Ustreamers.

Sincerely and humbly,

John Ham
Ustream Founder

Ustream seals Joint Venture with Korea Telecom for Ustream Korea with $10m investment


Hope all is well. Today, we are happy to announce that Ustream has reached an agreement with Korea Telecom to launch Ustream Korea as part of our Joint Venture for Ustream Asia with Softbank Corp. in Japan. Korea Telecom will also invest an additional $10m into the company.

More importantly, we are excited to continue to march toward our vision of bringing the Ustream service to Asia in a steadfast and unwavering manner over a long period of time.

We thank our wonderful users and look forward to growing the Ustream service in Korea.



Launch of Improved Measures to Protect Copyright Holders and Vobile Integration

We believe it is important to protect content publishers and provide tools to help combat the illegal sharing of copyrighted material. Today, we are releasing improvements to our copyright protection tools, and announcing a full integration with the Vobile fingerprinting solution.

We are 100 percent committed to copyright protection and believe these tools will both support the ongoing needs of copyright holders and the user experience and safety of our community.  We recognized the importance of copyright protection early in the company’s history, and today’s step in launching improved measures underscores our commitment to continue to evolve our tools.

Copyright Protection Updates:

·       Faster submission times for copyright holders
·       Advanced features such as keyword detection
·       Improved user interface for ease-of-use and management

Ustream is committed to gaining feedback from our rights partners to improve the tool further. Additional improvements will be released in the coming weeks.


·       Vobile operates the VideoDNA Database, which is “the most comprehensive database of authorized video fingerprints, metadata and business rules from major movie studios, television networks and record labels.” (More info:

·       Ustream has been integrated with Vobile for six months for Pay Per View events and recently began running the Vobile service across the Ustream platform.

This will be one of two fingerprinting solutions Ustream will utilize to identify and protect video content. The second solution is currently under development with BayTSP and TVAura.

We will continue to work closely with copyright holders and technology partners to ensure copyrights are protected. If you have any questions about how Ustream is proactively protecting copyright, please contact

Ustream Inc. announces Joint Venture with Softbank for Ustream Asia

Dear Ustreamers,

Hope all is well. Today, Ustream Inc. announced our joint venture with Softbank Corp for Ustream Asia. This is a significant milestone for the company as it cements our long-term commitment for the broader Asian market. From the day we founded the company, we always said that Asia was strategic for Ustream. Asia represents an environment where the broadband, mobile, and users conditions are prime for a service like Ustream to flourish. As a result, we are very excited about today’s announcement.

Go Ustream and Go Ustream Asia!


Ustream Enters Asia Pacific with Softbank Corp. of Japan

In this memorable milestone and moment, I would like to provide the color behind the fundraising announcement.

When we first founded Ustream in the summer of 2006, we believed that Asia was a strategic environment for a service like Ustream to flourish. Since then, we’ve made strategic decisions to partner with DCM, our lead series A investor and strong US/Asia VC firm, and now Softbank Corp., a major mobile carrier and internet conglomerate in Asia, to march toward our vision.

What really excites us is the vision that billions of web and mobile users will go-live and watch-live content on Ustream in Asia.

We’re honored to announce this relationship with Softbank and look forward to working with Softbank.

New Product: Social Stream Now Supports Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and AIM

Part of the richness of going live is being able to tell the people
who care about you what’s currently capturing your interest. As
everyone discovers new ways of connecting on the web, and we’re
excited to announce today the newest, groundbreaking innovation on the
real-time web: aggregation of multiple social networks in one click
through a new feature called Social Stream. This first-of-its kind
interactive tool activates and integrates audiences across Twitter,
Facebook, MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger – all taking place
simultaneously around live shared video experiences.  This feature
provides users to go viral on the web – and takes the concept to a
whole new level.

This feature allows Ustreamers to update their fans, friends and
colleagues across multiple communities around live moments taking
place on Ustream in a single feed—something that has never been done
before. Every comment updates a user’s status on that social network
and includes a link to the live video for others to join and watch.

Social Stream allows four major networks to come together on Ustream:
providing interaction in one cohesive chat, updates in users’
networks, and allowing friends, family and followers to know what they
are doing/watching.

The new Social Stream will be available across the entire Ustream site within the next few
days. We welcome your feedback on this.

‘Stand Up and Take Action!’ with Ustream, Skype and the UN Millennium Campaign

Ustream was created to enable video communication opportunities for
anyone, and this week we’re powering some important global
conversations that aim to end poverty. We are partnering with the
United Nations Millenium Campaign to foster conversations about the
most important issues facing our generation during “Stand Up and Take
Action!,” the annual mobilization where citizens gather at events
around the world to demand that world leaders eradicate extreme
poverty by 2015.

As part of the program, Ustream is collaborating with Skype to enable
video calls about global poverty between world leaders, celebrities
and citizens globally to be broadcast on the internet live via
Ustream’s interactive video broadcasting platform. The Skype calls
taking place between world leaders, celebrities, and citizens globally
will be broadcast on the Stand Up Take Action! page on Facebook and on
Ustream here:

Those participating in the Skype video calls and Ustream broadcasts
include former Irish President Mary Robinson as well as African
entertainers Femi Kuti and Angelique Kidjo. The calls will take place
throughout this week, leading up to the Stand Up and Take Action!
Weekend, Oct. 16-18, when millions of citizens will take part in
activities demanding that world leaders keep their promises to achieve
the Millenium Development Goals.

We hope you will join in the conversations through Facebook, Social
Stream (Twitter) or Ustream chat.To learn more about getting involved
in Stand Up and Take Action events happening across the globe, please

Ustream Launches Partner Program for Content Partners


Today we are announcing the launch of the Ustream Partner Program to extend revenue opportunities to content providers.

Ustream is the first live video provider to offer ad revenue sharing by integrating Google’s new Video API.  By working with Google, we are able to serve Google in-video ads and utilize Google’s robust backend for both analytics and payments.

Partners will also receive unique monetization tools from Ustream to include the ability to run on-demand mid-roll commercials into their streams.  Certain content partners like radio shows or conferences can run mid-rolls during the natural breaks in their program.

Our vision has always been to make live streaming a profitable activity.  Now our content partners can


generate real dollars and cents.  Some of our early partners have already felt the power of “the light bulb” going on.  This is about a long-term ongoing relationship with our content partners and we’re excited to take this first step.

Partners currently enrolled in the program include Fox News Radio, Soulja Boy, Chris Pirillo, and Shane Dawson.  The amount the broadcaster will earn is dependent on the size of their viewership for both live and recorded content.

Criteria that will be used for eligibility for the program include, but are not limited to, the size of the audience, country of residence, quality of content, and consistency with Ustream’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.  If the partner is accepted into the program, then they will receive a congratulatory notification email detailing further details to include payment frequency and more program details.  This program is available to content partners worldwide.

For more information and to enroll, visit

Product Launch: iPhone 3GS Recorder & the Media Stream!

iPhone RecorderGet the iPhone 3GS Recorder

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Recording App for the iPhone 3GS, now available for free in the Apple App Store! We’ve also added a new product to the site called the “Media Stream” that provides a real-time stream of tagged videos.

iPhone 3GS Recorder Application

The iPhone Recorder can syndicate videos to five points, maximizing viewership for iPhone videos: Ustream, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Ustream on Facebook. The application allows users to record and store videos in high quality, even when not connected to the internet or on the 3G network.

Media Stream

The Media Stream provides broadcasters with the ability to aggregate content on their show page from other Ustream users, based on a certain topic (hashtag). For example imagine you’re watching a conference stream with the hashtag “#CoolConference”, and someone in the crowd just uploaded a video from their iPhone and put “#CoolConference” in the video title. That video would pop up below the player you are watching – in the Media Feed – allowing you to see an entirely different part of the conference.

Each show has a hashtag associated with it – all a user needs to do to send a video to that show is include the show’s hashtag in their video title (example: Teaching my dog some tricks! #doggycam). The broadcaster can edit their hashtag from the “Your Shows” page under “Media Stream”.

The broadcaster can accept videos from everyone and manually approve them for his show page, or the broadcaster can approve certain users ahead of time so that their videos will go straight to the Media Stream. This is managed from the “Your Shows” page under “Media Stream”.

A new section has been added directly below the player on the show page that displays the newest videos in the Media Stream. When new videos are recorded they will appear in the Media Stream in real time, allowing viewers to quickly find them.


Spice Up Your Show Page with Themes!

Your show page has never looked better! We’ve added ten brand new and fully decked out themes for your show page. In addition the “Design” page has been simplified – now making it easier than ever to customize to your personal style. If that’s not enough, you can even import your Twitter background to your Ustream show with just a few clicks!

Show Page Theme

To view the themes click on “Your Shows” and the “Design” tab. Here you can view the ten themes as well as choose a custom background or define the colors for your show page. (To import your Twitter background click “Choose Background Image” and then “Import from Twitter”)

Design Page

Check it out! Your theme is waiting!

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