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Ustream: Your Destination for the Biggest Entertainment Events of the Week

shakira upcoming

We’ve got major events scheduled for the coming days! On Saturday, Nov. 14, Carrie Underwood is going live in-concert with fellow country stars Martina McBride, Jake Owen, and Rodney Atkins from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The show is courtesy of MySpace Music. Tune in at 6pm PST/9pm EST right here to see the concert that made country music famous!

On Monday, we have a lineup that will keep you entertained all day long. First, at 12pm PST/3pm EST, Latin superstar Shakira will debut the music video for her new single “Give it Up to Me” featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Timbaland to live audiences on Ustream and Facebook. Be sure to tune in here to catch the latest installment of her hip-shaking, belly-dancing brand in infectious pop music.

At 5pm PST/8pm EST, OneRepublic (the band that brought you “Apologize”) is doing a live concert from Twitter’s headquarters to promote their new album, Waking Up, scheduled for release the next day, Nov. 17th. Don’t miss your chance to see the Colorado-natives rock out in front of a live studio audience right here.

At 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST, Ustream and MySpace will be bringing all the Twilight fans live coverage from the red carpet premiere of New Moon! Meet the stars of the film and bask in the glow of the flashbulbs without leaving your couch! Watch it right here.

On Thursday, Ustream will be bringing you live coverage of Diddy’s 40th Birthday Party from the Plaza Hotel in New York. Watch the A-list stars arrive on the red carpet, then get VIP access to the festivities! You won’t get to drink the champagne or taste the hors d’oeuvres, but at least you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like inside! Tune in here to catch all the action!

Jason Mraz Live and Other Events for the Week of 11/9

Jason Mraz upcoming

On Wednesday at 11am PST (2pm EST), and again at 6pm PST (9pm EST), singer Jason Mraz will hold two separate live chats where he’ll be answering questions submitted by his fans! Want him to ask one of your questions on the air? Tweet at him with the hash tag #JasonMrazChat and he might answer it live. Be sure to tune in on Ustream to watch right here.

Other Events for the Week of 11/9:

Today at 6:15pm PST/9:15pm EST, Switchfoot will be going live on Ustream to celebrate the release of their new album Hello Hurricane. Switchfoot have been doing monthly fan chats on Ustream since September, but this broadcast will be the first time they’ve actually performed during a broadcast, so fans won’t want to miss it! Tune in here.

Tuesday at 12pm PST/3pm EST, tune in to Link-Live for a panel discussion with California Public Utilities Commissioner Rachelle Chong, California Emerging Technology Fund President Sunne McPeak, a representative from the online vets campaign Operation Free, and a representative from Veterans and Military Families for Progress right here.

Tuesday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST, tune in for the weekly episode of Peter Himmelman’s Furious World. Live musical performance, introspective philosophical musing, and interviews with legendary musicians and authors are par for the course on Furious World. Don’t miss this week’s episode to see who the special guest will be! You can tune in here.

Wednesday at 4pm PST/7pm EST, tune in for the second episode of DukeReads, an online book club discussing contemporary works of fiction and nonfiction with industry scholars and academics. This week, the title under discussion will be “The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga. Professor Ranjana Khanna will be leading the discussion. You can watch live right here.

Wednesday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST, Joanna Hernandez, aka Cocktail from VH1 will go live for another candid Q&A session. She calls her show “Hangin’ with JoJo” because that’s exactly what it gives her fans a chance to do–chill with her just like one of her closest friends! If you’ve never checked out her show before, why not try it out on Wednesday night right here.

Thursday at 9:15am PST/12:15pm EST, Duke University goes live for a panel discussion on fixing the health care problem. Duke University’s leading health care scholars will discuss the pros and cons of the different reform proposals on the table. We’ve all heard the politicians weighing in, now it’s academia’s chance to voice an opinion. Tune in here.

Thursday at 10am PST/1pm EST, John Yemma, editor of the Christian Science Monitor, goes live from his offices to talk current events and the crisis in the Middle East with other experts in the field. Stay abreast of current happenings in Iraq and Afghanistan and get your dose of intelligent analysis right here.

Thursday at 4pm PST/7pm EST, singer/songwriter Coffey Anderson goes live from the studio to give fans and aspiring musicians a sneak peak of what it’s like to record in the studio. He’ll perform live too! Tune in here to catch all the action.

Thursday at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST, Donny Osmond will broadcast live from behind-the-scenes at Dancing with the Stars. He does it every week for his fans, so be sure to tune in here to watch.

Friday at 9am PST/12pm EST, Duke University goes live again for an Office Hours chat with Don Taylor to discuss Health Care Reform. You won’t want to miss this in-depth analysis of the current state of our health care system, and all the options on the table. Tune in here.

Friday at 1pm PST/4pm EST, Jason Calacanis takes This Week in Startups live for another installment of candid discussion with CEOs, Founders, and other startup execs. These are trailblazers in their industries opening up to Jason with their personal stories, secrets for success, and insights on the future of their industry. Tune in here.

Win Tickets to Nike’s “Under The Hood” with Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao


When Nike’s exclusive new program, “Under the Hood,” premieres on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Ustream with Manny Pacquiao, fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at the boxing star’s life. In addition to the live webcast here, the Ustream community has a chance to win 10 tickets to be in the live audience in Los Angeles! Imagine getting front-row seats to hear legendary fighter Pacquiao and his trainers talk about reaching the top of professional boxing. Ustream is giving away 10 tickets to those who live in the Los Angeles area and can provide a valid ID to collect the winning tickets at Will Call.

To win the tickets: become a Twitter follower of Ustream at and send a tweet with the hashtag #UnderTheHood telling us why YOU want be part of the live audience during the event. We’ll pick 10 winners on Friday and let them know via direct message. Good luck!

Nike’s “Under the Hood” with Manny Pacquiao


On Saturday, Nike presents the first episode of their web series “Under the Hood” which gives fans a chance to get to know their favorite athletes. The first guest will be boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, aka Pac Man, the current IBO and Ring Magazine Light Welterweight Champion, who has also been called “the #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world.” Don’t miss this chance to tune in and see Pacquiao and his trainers answer your questions live! It all starts at 2pm PT/5pm ET right here.

On Tuesday at 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET, join the world’s youngest teacher, 12-year-old Adora Svitak, as she takes the stage at Perry Meridian Middle School to address the student body. Then at 2:30pm PT, Adora goes live again from the IPUI School of Education, and finally, Thursday at 7:30am PT, Adora goes live from the National Middle School Conference. If you haven’t heard of Adora, she’s a nationally recognized author who completed her first book at age 7. Since then she’s been touring middle schools promoting literacy. Tune in here to catch her live!

Also on Tuesday at 4pm PT/7pm ET, The Carter Twins go live to promote the release of their self-titled EP. This country duo are only 19, and yes, they really are twins. You can watch their live chat right here.

Tuesday at 7pm PT/10pm ET, comedian Gabriel Iglesias is bringing his “I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy” tour to Ustream. This gifted entertainer is making his mark with his first hour-long Comedy Central special debuting this month, so don’t miss this chance to hang with him and ask questions! Tune in here.

Wednesday at 7pm PT/10pm ET, join Alison Rosen, the comedian, journalist, blogger, and television personality for an hour of candid live chat where she’ll tackle such diverse topics as whether or not to be friends with an ex, and hosting parties at Scores. Join her for some classy fun right here.

Also at 7pm PT/10pm ET on Wednesday, join Cocktail from VH1 for her weekly webchat with fans. She’s had guests like Aubrey O’Day, former America’s Next Top Model alums, and former Real World cast members on in the past, so tune in this week to see who her special celebrity guest will be. It all goes down right here.

Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET, tune in to Duke University’s channel for the first in their DukeReads online book club series. The first novel up for discussion will be William D. Cohan’s ‘House of Cards.’ You can Tweet questions early with the hash tag #dukelive. Tune in here to watch.

Thursday at 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET, join students at the University of North Texas College of Music for a Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band concert. The school will continue to broadcast live concerts and events throughout the semester, so remember to keep checking back! You can watch the concert live right here.

Also at 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET on Thursday, join Donny Osmond backstage at Dancing with the Stars! He goes live every week from the show to connect with fans and answer their questions, so be sure to tune in here for a chance to see him live!

Friday at 4pm PT/7pm ET, join Grammy Award Winning, multi-platinum producer, songwriter, motivational speaker, and trendsetter Maestro, as he goes live from his studio to answer questions for aspiring musicians, rappers, and producers. It’s like a crash-course in the music industry every Friday night! Tune in here to catch all the action.

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