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Today we are announcing the channel on Ustream, which
features breaking news coverage several times everyday– presidential
press conferences, Congressional hearings, and online-only content and
on-air programs such as the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. We’re
excited about delivering this live breaking news.

Check out the channel on Ustream at

Salt n’ Pepa’s Legendary DJ Spinderella, and Other Events for the Week of June 1st!

Starting at 8pm PST on Wednesday, June 3rd, Legendary DJ Spinderella from Salt n Pepa will be making a special live appearance on The Fat Boys TV Show!

We’ve got many other great streams for you this week:

On Tuesday, June 2nd, starting at 8am PST, PCMag Radio will be doing a live broadcast to discuss the latest topics in technology. Catch it all here.

Starting at 5pm PST on Tuesday, June 2nd, music artist Butterfly Boucher will be doing a live web chat to celebrate the release of her new album, ‘Scaryfragile.’ Tune in here!

Lucas Grabeel
Lucas Grabeel from ‘High School Musical’ will be appearing as a special guest on The Rob Redstone Show, starting at 7pm PST on Tuesday, June 2nd. Be sure to catch it here!

On Wednesday, June 3rd, starting at 1pm PST, NASA’s “Astro_Mike” Astronaut Mike Massimino will be doing an interactive stream to discuss his space shuttle flight on the shuttle Atlantis, which returned to Earth on May 24th. Watch and interact here!

Starting at 5pm PST on Thursday, June 4th, Alfred.TV will be doing a live, interactive web chat. Tune in here to view and share your stories!

On Friday, June 5th, starting at 4pm PST, the Zac Brown Band will be doing a live chat here!

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