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9/29/08 – Inside the Huddle with Terrell Owens and Sam Hurd

There are a handful of major league sports teams that practically define their entire league. I should know because I’m a Lakers fan – and it’s true, I do feel arrogantly entitled in all discussions involving the NBA. And we all know (and hate) the Yankees, right?

We’re proud to introduce Inside the Huddle, a television show covering all things Dallas Cowboys, a.k.a. America’s Team. Hosted by none other than current Cowboy star and future Hall-of-Famer Terrell Owens, Inside the Huddle goes live on Ustream every Tuesday, 7:30 pm Central / 8:30 pm Eastern.

Check out tomorrow’s inagural stream with special guest Ken Hamlin.

Also, go to Inside the Huddle’s website for their upcoming schedule and past shows:

Random Ustream trivia: Speaking of flagship sports franchise fandom arrogance, Ustream Founder and Dallas native Brad Hunstable acknowledges one sports team, and one sports team only: yep, the Cowboys, a.k.a. “Team Texas”.

9/29/2008 Upcoming LIVE Events on Ustream

Don’t miss these Ustream events starting today September 29, 2008.

Check out the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal. Ustream broadcaster Preston Fosback is featured for his innovative use of Ustream!

Tuesday Sept. 30th 5:30p PDT, Terrell Owens will be live on Ustream. The Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver is one of the best known NFL players in the game, known for not only his speed

and footwork on the field, but also for his antics in the end zone. Be sure to check him out.

Wednesday, October 1st at 3pm PDT The Altitude Lounge presents, Hello
Goodbye!  Catch Altitude TV as they invite rock superstars Hello Goodbye for an exclusive interview and LIVE performance.  Altitude offers rock fans a blend of videos, performances, interviews and exclusive content, direct to mobile, from the most trusted and cutting-edge original mobile rock channel available.

Check them out live at –

Thursday, October 2nd at 1:30pm EDT, Apocalyptica will be on WJRR
Orlando. These guys have been nominated as for ‘Best International
Band’ at at the ‘Rock Alternative Music Prize’ (RAMP) hosted by
Russian music TV A1. Tune in at –

Thursday, October 2nd, Amit Kapur, COO of, and Tim Westgren,
Founder of will be live from Digital Music Forum West. Live
at –

Check back this week for more updates. When we know, you’ll know!

9/22/2008 Upcoming LIVE Events on Ustream

Here’s your weekly guide to what’s happening on Ustream!

Willie Nelson and his bio-fuel boys plan on taking a VW on the great
Cannon Ball Run, over 3,000 miles from NYC to LA without stopping! 1
tank of fuel, a bunch of snacks, and a live camera on the dash. Check
out their site here –

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is streaming Live on Ustream
on September 25, at Silicon Valley’s premier business and technology

Also on Thursday, TechCrunch Austin. From 3-5pm CDT TechCrunch is having
a good ol’ fashion Texas Meetup. Facebook, Livestrong, and The Ice
Cream Man will all be there so check it out:

Taking Back Sunday, on Saturday, 9/20, 1 pm EDT

It’s the return of Taking Back Sunday on Ustream.TV. Don’t blink, becuase it’s going down tomorrow, Saturday, 9/20 at 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT. Last time, Taking Back Sunday had a rollocking good time with their fans, so don’t act like I didn’t tell you!

TBS will be taking questions from the chatroom, or you can submit them now on TBS’ Myspace.

Did you blink? Did you miss the event? That’s okay… they’ll be back.

As a consolation prize, word on teh interwebs is that the superstar R&B crooner and overall gentleman Ne-Yo will be hosting a webchat next week. More details to follow as they get confirmed… or you can camp out right here until he (maybe) goes live:

9/16/2008 Same Rap Channel, Same Rap Time

The great thing about regularly scheduled programming, is that it’s, well, regularly sheduled.

On that front, we’ve got some great hip hop themed music shows that deserve your regularly scheduled attention. Here’s the guide:

Hip Hop Official

So I fibbed. Hip Hop Official has yet to be regularly scheduled. But they will make up for it with plenty of in-the-studio produced MTV-esque programming. Check their GoTV channel for some delicious examples.

This Thursday, Noon Pacific, they launch with a live Q-and-A session and staged performance with West Coast underground legends Planet Asia and DJ Muggs.

Hood Hype Radio

Black Weblog Award winner Hood Hype Radio has joined the Ustream team. Detroit based Hood Hype Radio is hosted by hip hop aficionados Jmack, Major, and now that it’s live, YOU. And yes, they are now integrating live chatroom chatter into their programming. Word on the teh internets is that you’ll be competing for attention with call ins from the likes of Warren G, Black Milk, and Termanology.

Tune in every Saturday, cool guy.

J Troup in the Studio

Rising producer/songwriter J Troup invites you into his studio every Sunday at 5 pm Pacific as he breaks down the tips, tricks and tools to creating pop hits. And for all you aspiring producers, submit your beats to his monthly beat battle competition.


Every Monday, talented emcee iLLspokinn has been hosting an innovative live “Freestyle Mondays” open mic from the cradle of Hip Hop — New York, New York. Best of all, he’s been kind enough to stream it live. So why don’t you tune in? He’s way talented beyond his Myspace friends count; join the movement now, and act like you know later, cool guy.

Every first Mondays of the month, iLLspoKin changes up the format a bit and hosts a freestyle game show competition. The spinning wheel of topics keeps the fun high and the testosterone low. Confused yet? Tune in, and you’ll get it.

So there ya have it. I’ll excuse you as you regularly schedule your calander.

And also, as always, tell me about your cool music projects, ideas or artists at music (att) ustream dot tv.

9/5/2008 RNC Sets Ustream Record; Over 7 Million Americans Viewed Live Streams and Highlights

Republican National Convention Sets Ustream Record; More Than Seven Million Americans Viewed Live Streams and Highlights

The first Republican National Convention (RNC) to be streamed live online established a new Ustream record for most views of a single event.  The total unique viewers (live and recorded highlights) during the RNC (Sept. 1-4) was 7,016,000.  The convention attracted 1,593,000 unique live viewers and 5,423,000 unique recorded highlight views.

Here is one of our favorite moments that Ustream captured during the RNC:

“Ustream gave the RNC the ability to communicate with the American public and our party members in an engaging way that has never been done before in previous elections. We were able to showcase the convention in the highest quality online and reach out to voters who couldn’t be live at the convention,” said 2008 Republican National Convention Spokesman Matt Burns. “We appreciate that Ustream brought mass exposure to our stream with distribution through Google News, large national blogs and news sites around the Web.”

Thanks to the RNC for partnering with us to give all Americans unprecedented live access to a political convention.

9/9/08: TechCrunch50 Streaming LIVE Through Tomorrow | Don’t Miss it!

Industry visionaries, expert speakers and even Hollywood celebrities
have gathered in San Francisco to discuss new companies and
opportunities.  From MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe to Blah Girls Founder
Ashton Kutcher, TechCrunch50 attracts the influencers and is one of
the most important technology conferences of the year. Be there live
through Ustream!

Watch it here:

Embed it into your site:

9/3/08: TONIGHT: Gov. Sarah Palin To Speak LIVE From RNC

Gov. Sarah Palin

Tonight, Sen. John McCain’s VP pick Gov. Sarah Palin will address the Republican National Convention LIVE on Ustream starting at 6pm CDT/7pm EDT.  Be sure to check out all the RNC coverage at

Also, check out some GREAT behind the scenes footage from our backstage set – We have the #1 position off stage and 1st interview! Watch more tonight:

Senator Joe Lieberman

Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani

US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton

US Ambassador John Bolton

Behind The Scenes At The RNC

This being the start of our seventh day at the Republican National Convention, its no surprise that Brad and I have bumped into some very powerful people. It was only the other day that we noticed Mitt Romney was staying in our hotel (no wonder there was always Secret Service in the elevators).

We’ve met powerful people, we’ve met Ustream broadcasters, and I was tackled by Secret Service (Pshh but you probably don’t want to hear about that…right?).

I find it amazing that at the RNC, at the largest Republican gathering in the world and possibly one of the biggest events of the year, we are running into Ustream broadcasters left and right. They’re everywhere! The first day while we were setting up, an ABC employee walked up and thanked us for an awesome product. He uses us! Who knew? We also met Ustreamers such as Martin Roland (CNN Correspondent) and Ed Morrisey (Hot Air). Its really hitting home that Ustream is a powerful tool that real people are using to get their message out and change the world.

While we’re here working hard to bring you the best quality streams from the RNC, you can check out our RNC landing page for all the live streams and their embed codes. Aside from that, make sure to check out our backstage pictures below (If you want to know why Secret Service tackled me you’ll have to beg me in the comments):

OFFICIAL GOOGLE POST: Live coverage of the GOP Convention on Google News

This is a repost from the Official Google Blog:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 10:43 AM

The Republican National Convention is underway in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Google News is taking you there. Well, maybe not literally there, but as close as we can get you! For the duration of the convention, you can watch live streaming of the activities on a player located on the special Elections section of Google News. (It’s also embedded just below this sentence.)

Live Streaming by Ustream

We’re working with to stream the coverage live at the following times:

Tuesday, September 2: 6:20 – 10:05 p.m. CDT
Wednesday, September 3: 6:20 – 11:20 p.m. CDT
Thursday, September 4: 6:20 – 10:15 p.m. CDT

If you miss some of the speeches, highlights from the convention will be broadcast at other times all week long.

I’m excited that I can watch the convention, alongside ongoing news coverage, from the first balloon to the last confetti.

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