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Though he bills himself as “a disgrace to your speakers” in one song, local rapper “Taktikal,” also known as Raymond Pearson, is a lot more graceful than a first glance would lead the audience to believe. While he grew up in a rough and tumble world in the Bronx and later in Union City, Pearson remained on the outside of the mayhem, watching and writing. “I don’t need to be a riot to gain somebody’s attention,” he said in an interview last week. “Being humble will gain more attention.” Pearson moved to Union City when he was 9 and spent most of his school days from the fourth grade until he graduated from Union Hill High School in 2006 battling others with his raps. Rhyme runs in Pearson’s family. His brother, “Mello Milli’On,” also raps, and his father, Martin Pearson, once known as “The Grand Wizard Kid C,” worked with famed DJ Afrika Bambaataa. The 21-year-old spends his days delivering liquor for a company in Kearny, but as he rides in the passenger seat he writes lyrics for his debut album he has in the works Influenced by controversial lyricist Eminem and Puerto Rican rapper Big Pun, Pearson (also of Puerto Rican descent) has combined characteristics from both men to create his individual style. Pearson uses his own personal experiences, as well as those of close family and friends, to create his rhymes. Though he and his own father have a close relationship, he took on the persona of his cousin in “Leftme4dead” to speak about fathers abandoning children. He raps, “How do you forget me? You dead beat dad… I hope you know this pain doesn’t heal.” But unlike some rappers who boast about being able to freestyle off the top of their heads, or write a song in a few hours, Pearson is happy to take a few weeks to finish just one song. “I like to perfect and craft,” he said. “I want to be able to drop my own jaw.” Pearson said that one single event during his teenage years completely changed the person he is today and even influenced his writing. “When I was in high school I had gotten my ex-girlfriend pregnant,” he said. “She got an abortion – that has been a big part of who I am today.” Though he wrote about it immediately after the incident, it wasn’t until years later that communicating about it through his music actually began to soothe him. But when his 16-year old sister gave birth recently, Pearson said it brought up many old feelings again, so he wrote the song, “The more I talk” relating his anger and lack of control over both situations. As for the prolific use of slang words often used in rap lyrics towards women, Pearson said that’s not for him. “The only b**ch I’m gonna refer to is a dude,” he said. “I’m not gonna refer to a female like that, cause I have a lot of respect for women.” While some of his songs are emotional, gut wrenching portrayals of life’s trials, others are drenched in cursing, violence, and negative vibes – a quality not uncommon in rap, and one that is frequently criticized by older and younger generations alike. But Pearson claims it is all part of the same package: the portrayal of what’s happening in the real world. “It needs to be done,” said Pearson. “If you have 20 people talking about the same thing (like jewelry and fashion), to me that’s not real. For me to talk about what I’ve seen, it’s more important than a piece of jewelry.” Pearson said his hopes at this point are to get signed, continue to show hunger, and not give away too much of himself too soon. “It’s almost like a tease,” he said. “If you give somebody a little bit of information they become more interested in what you’re doing. If you give too much personal stuff you’re not gonna have anything else to write about.” visit www.myspace.com/taktikal

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