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SCRUB CLUB IS A COMPLETELY NOT-FOR-PROFIT OUTFIT. That means that no artist on the label gets ANY cut of the money. Any sales or donations immediately go right back into buying more supplies, equipment, and new merchandise to further entertain our fans. We truly do this for the love and not for the cash. We understand that most Scrubs are poor as hell, and because of that, we have free albums for download and some merchandise for only a dollar. To hell with profit. We’re more interested in giving the common listener a chance to get their hands on everything they could ever want from our label. Among other genres, we strongly support the true roots of Hip Hop and despise what has happened to it since it’s creation, split, and transformation into radio rap. We support the community and talk about politics, learning, and the lighter side of life. We educate and help people with their stresses and problems. We do NOT rap about money, cars, women, and guns because we are NOT on that tip. Shit, we don’t have any of that, so why should we talk about it in our music? Instead, we keep it real and stand up against greed and violence and speak on things that everyday people are interested in. We have serious music, tracks to make you laugh, storytelling, spoken word, remixes… there’s something for everyone. And currently, with the addition of a rock group and some electronic musicians, we are expanding our reach, expertise, and understanding to what the listener wants and needs. Besides music and spoken word, we include and support all forms of artwork through our own creative members as well as helping out other artists. We also have a big focus on games, and offer original gaming experiences as well as tournaments and related events in both electronic as well as tabletop genres. We’re big nerds, every single one of us, so we bring many geeky elements into all of our projects. The very symbol for our label is a crossed-out money sign (the No Dough Logo). We will not rest until we open hundreds of thousands of eyes to find the best way to exist: Living an enriched life without having the riches. Beyond hundreds of thousands? Well, that’s all plus. We’re changing lives, not cashing checks. And now, with excellent amounts of support nationwide in the US and pockets of Scrub Club Soldiers representing us in other countries, we will take this as far as we possibly can to make our part of the universe a better place. BE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS – GET INVOLVED! Want to join our army as we take over the music, gaming, and art scenes? We’re on a mission to destroy anything greedy and fake while promoting our fresh ideas and attitude worldwide! We’re always on the hunt for new family and connections. There’s a whole section on this site that has banners, avatars, wallpapers, flyers, and other material that you can download for free and use anywhere! Also, if you have a few bucks, we have a merch store with some dope clothes you can wear. We don’t make any profit off of the clothing sales as outside companies produce the goods, but we’ve seen the products and assure you they’re of great quality. If you dig our music and other projects as well as what we’re trying to do for the community, then feel free to get involved! Bootleg our albums and pass them out. Download some flyers, print them up, then toss them out like Chinese stars on rapid fire. Get stories about us published in your local independent rags or on your favorite sites. Get us played on your favorite online stations and podcasts. Review our albums on your pages. Contact us and set up scrubby performances with your local venues. Since we run on the love of our fans and family, we’re not held back by money issues or drama, so we can go as far as you can spread us! Send in pictures of yourself promoting Scrub Club and we’ll put them on the site. Go crazy with it! Spread the word, y’all! Get people to come check us out on this site! It’s crammed full of free music, pictures, downloads, information, background stories, bios, ways to contact everyone on the label, and a message board. It’s a lot of hard work for us, but it’s worth it to give you all what you need to enjoy our projects and to share it with those like-minded Scrubs around you.

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scrlive “This is KPX, Gonna stream a little of my gaming for today, old school style. 30 years of wrest”

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scrlive “Get over to for the next part of Phee TeleV1sion. and donate for you”

September 28, 2013 at 5:35pm
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scrlive “Still in the room, Kicking ass freestyling.”

September 28, 2013 at 4:38pm


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