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he Road to Success Mills later moved back to Chicago, put a band together and started touring the city regularly. He released his first album, “Love and Coffee” in 2005, which actually supposed to be the soundtrack for an independent movie he was making with William Pierce that was never completed. He has worked on other films, including My Phamily Barbeque and seven other movies. His most recently completed film “Ran$om Gains” starred Elise Neal, best known for her work on the TV comedy The Hughleys and Wood Harris, who starred as Avon Barksdale on HBO’s The Wire Two songs from that album garnered him major attention: Radio Personality Terry Bello, Senior Executive Producer of the International Soul Summit, which takes place yearly in Atlanta, heard his music on and took an interest in him as an artist.He included Mills’ song, “Steppin’ Out Tonight,” on the Heineken Soul Star Series, a compilation CD that included well-known artists like Angie Stone, Rashaan Patterson and Anthony David, among others. The CD received international attention and helped really push his career, he said.

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