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any bands out there wana have me at there next gig or party, i can adapt my style from intense to mello low key what ever will work,i am inspiered by music and i am just lookin ta do what i do create. free app bio: I first got started after listening to live music my whole life. And then hanging out with my musician frends while they jam, Ihen I found myself allways wanting to participate and i thought, well what do i do best and how can i colaberate and shazam, It hit me like a total brick wall, I paint and why not during live music, I was allready doing it i just didnt relize it when i paint in my studio i would have the music on, so i ran it by my drummer friend Zach Morris and so we tryed it and got a weekly gig in petaluma for a few months,I realy like the spontanious creating totaly in the moment and started hiting up bands in 2003 and incouraging other artists to try this. i found out later that i was not the first to come up with this idea but there had been others like denny dent allready doing it for many years,i was happy to hear that and exited to see how far i could take it and well as les claypool would say there ya go.

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