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New Media Partners, the Oxnard based Internet Media Company, will be broadcasting all the 2008 home football games from Oaks Christian School, Westlake, CA on www.KADYTV.com . Utilizing state of the art technology, these broadcasts will be broadcast LIVE and delivered via the Internet. Five home regular season football games and all playoffs will be broadcast from the campus of this top 25 high school football program. Joey Buttitta will join his well-known dad Joe Buttitta in the announcer’s booth bringing you all the play-by-play action. Joe Buttitta is the former announcer for Los Angeles Angels baseball and UCLA football and basketball. He was also the first Sports Director at KADY Television. Adding to our top-notch team will be Chuck Muncie, former Heisman Trophy candidate from Cal and famed NFL All-Pro running back for the San Diego Chargers. He will be hosting “The Muncie Report”, a weekly series of interviews with Coaches, players, fans and sponsors during this inaugural season. Building on the success of the football season, plans are to expand coverage to other sports at Oaks Christian, starting with basketball during the winter and baseball in the spring. Longer-term plans include expansion of the program in 2009 to other High Schools in the Kadytv.com sphere of influence, from the Los Angeles County border north to San Luis Obispo. Plans are also underway to add 5 more top 25 Schools in other areas of the United States to our broadcast schedule in 2009. The same expansion cycle that took place in Central California will then be expanded in those local communities. The long term goal is to create a High School Sports Network and deliver all content via the Internet, taking advantage of state of the art technology to stay far ahead of our competitors.

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