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DJ Reckonize was born in Newark,NJ . He grow up listing to every type of music in his household. It was that environment that he embraced music as a passion. Listening to djs on the radio like Red Alert and so many others (to many to name) he noticed that the song he was listening to could sound so different & could be played all together without missing a beat he embraced its style & ,therefore a new dj was born. Dj Reckonize moved to Miami in the late 80s before he turned 18 he was in the south beach club seen promoting clubs. He was carring record crates for some djs & even doing the light show effects for Djs in some of these nite clubs also. Although he loved the dj art form it was not until he came across Dj Felix Sama who he says an true high motivator for him & changing his passion of djing in to a career. Dj Reckonize has worked in many clubs venues. He also was one of the pioneers of bringing to life Latin Source Magazine. He currently resides in NJ where created both "Dirty Jerzey DJs & Exclusive Tunez DJs & works with Fresh Kid Ice of Chinaman Records!He believes that a true Dj should not have one genre of music to play, "a true Dj plays & mixes any & everything across the board"!

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